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  1. ffrench

    Wrong interview city listed on DS-160

    Thanks for your response jairichi. Much appreciated.
  2. I listed Vancouver as my interview city when I filled out my DS-160. However there weren't any available dates for Vancouver, so I instead scheduled the interview in Ottawa. Does anyone know if this will be ok, or do I need to file a new DS-160 using Ottawa as a city? Any advice is very appreciated.
  3. ffrench

    Vancouver appointment dates

    I have a question related to this topic: I've just completed my DS160 and selected Vancouver as the location for my consulate interview. Does anyone know the most straightforward process to change it to another Canadian city? Or even a city in another country? My E3 visa expires distressingly soon, and it looks likely that Vancouver isn't going to be a time-appropriate option. Thanks in advance!
  4. In applying to renew my E3 visa, I chose Vancouver, BC as the consulate for my interview. But after completing the DS160 and actually trying to book the interview, it looks like there are none to be had. Does anyone know the most straightforward process for changing my consulate of choice to another Canadian city-- or even a city in another country? Do I need to void my DS160 and fill out a new one? If so, how does that affect the application fee I've already paid? Thanks!