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  1. Hi Folks, I am attending H1b visa stamping in Hyd with my spouse (H4). I am working full time (not consulting) with a medium sized publicly traded company in US. My masters and work are both in Comp Sci. I am taking all copies of my education along with i129 copy i-140 approval copy, i797 originals, employment verification letter and recent pay stubs. 1) What questions can I expect ? 2) Any other docs to carry ?
  2. immissues

    Dropbox experience and issues

    Hi all- Want to share surprising and strange experience we had at Bangalore dropbox facility. 1. One of our relatives went to dropoff. At the counter, they rejected to take the picture just because there was a smile on the face. We were prepared with a back up photo and they did not accept that either saying teeth are visible in the picture. The photo dimensions (2x2) etc are as per guidelines in the ustraveldocs site. We took 2/3 photos again and couriered it to our relative. Second time, they accepted the new photo and took docs. 2. Docs sent to Chennai consulate and visa is approved. Passport sent back to pick up location i.e. Bangalore. 3. Two days after receiving email that the passport is ready for pickup, authorized person went to pick up passport. He was at the office around 3:25 pm IST on wednday. He submitted all required documentation (original auth letter, ID proof etc.). Docs were taken at the counter and asked to come back next day for picking up the passport. The problem is that this came to us as a surprise. The person who is picking up will be out of city (Bangalore) for 2 weeks and we cannot wait until then! - Passport arrived at this location 2 days before we went for pick up - This happened at Bangalore center. There was no rush at the office, not sure why we were asked to come next day - http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-loc-passportc..., http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-loc-document...# clearly show that we went in during pick up hours and passport should have been given to the auth person! - Can we send another auth person with different authorization letter for pick up ? We luckily have time to handle this situation but do not know why this happened to us. Wanted to share with all and take advice. I need to go for dropbox in few weeks so want to be better prepared. Please share your experiences and advice. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am in same situation. Will go for dropbox next month. Any update? Please share your experience.
  4. Hi all, I clicked on change address button in link below http://ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-deliveryaddre... It takes me to my profile in https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ap... But here Document Delivery Information section is blank and I am unable to edit. I need to change delivery option to Bluedart courier and change address for delivery. Any pointers or suggestions will help. Thank you !
  5. immissues

    How do I know if I was ten printed?

    If I say no, I will have to go to biometric center? book appointment ? I dont think they have biometric center at Bangalore so I will have to go to Chennai or HYD. I am in India for a short time period and would like to avoid biometric "if it is not needed". Please advice.
  6. Hi all, I got my visa stamping done in December 2011 @ HYD VFS office. I do not recall giving finger prints in HYD VFS office. However, I am sure I gave 10 prints at the port of entry (@ airport while entering in to US). Does that mean they have my finger prints on file? I am visiting India soon and I plan to use dropbox (i am eligible). Should I answer yes/no for fingerprints question in DS 160 form? Is there a way I can check if they have my fingerprints on file? Thanks
  7. Hi All- Need advice in deciding when to switch jobs. I am on H1 B (i-140 approved) with priority date in July 2011. Dates were current during all 3 previous presidential elections dates and looking at current movement, I am assuming I could be current mid 2016. I would like to change the job due to some issues (can sustain but would like to know if it is safe to change). I read about some experiences about not getting labor approved on time and hence missed opportunity when dates were current etc. Would like some advice on whether to stay back and get EAD before moving on or is it safe to switch job in current situation? Please advice. Thanks
  8. immissues

    H1B visa stamping (concern)

    Hi All- I am a full time employee in a small company since several years (got extension and stamping done earlier without any issues). Recently, my employer is not paying salaries on time (but is catching up). Does this effect/impact my employment credibility during H1B visa stamping? I am travelling to India with my wife(H4) and kid. so want to be careful in planning for visa stamping in India. Please provide suggestions. Thank You