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  1. deepaknuniwal

    H1b Visa Stamping status showing Refused

    Thanks, yes it shows refused for status, under https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/
  2. deepaknuniwal

    H1b Visa Stamping status showing Refused

    anyone gone through with similar experience?
  3. Hi, I had VISA stamping interview on Jun 14th, and was given white form with some documents marked to be submitted online. I didn't check status until I submitted my documents. But to my surprise it shows "Refused" with update date same as my interview date, and also shows to follow any instructions given at the time of interview. I have submitted all requested documents on June 28th but status is still same with same date and hasn't been updated at all.. Any suggestions or info on similar cases?
  4. deepaknuniwal

    VISA stamping date in canada

    Hi, I wanted to ask what to answer for "Is the applicant renewing a Visa? *" while registering to schedule VISA stamping date for Canada. background: I'm an Indian, working on h1b in USA. My initial H1b was for H1b, I got stamped in Ottawa and came back. I applied for extension in Dec 2015 and got 1 year again. I want to schedule VISA stamping date in Canada for sometime in April or may this year. Thanks
  5. Hi, what do i need to select for "Select Country For Visa" while registering for a new account at "https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/SiteRegister?country=&language="for scheduling VISA stamping date and place. I'm planning to go to Canada but i do not see that option here, if i select India, would i still be able to schedule for Canada? Thanks
  6. deepaknuniwal

    h4 to h1b

    Thanks, but are there any such fees like anti fraud fees etc, just for information,
  7. deepaknuniwal

    h4 to h1b

    Hi, My wife's H1B application was picked and approved this year under fiscal 2016. We got married on may 2nd, 2015, she applied for h4 and came to US last week. Now her employer wants to file for change of status since initial application shows employee from India, her approved I797 does not include I-94. Her employer informed of the below charges, Change of status application is around $325, some anti fraud to uscis fee is around $500 and lawyer fees. I'm not sure what this anti fraud fee is about? Please provide any information on this anti fraud fee or what ever this process is. Thanks Deepak
  8. deepaknuniwal

    Can we go to Calgary for 1st H1B Visa Interview?

    yes, but hard to find available dates. people are waiting for months and whenever there is a cancellation, it fills up very quick.
  9. deepaknuniwal

    H1B visa stamping postponed??

    I think you can postpone the visa appointment up to 365 days from the time you paid the fee. It would be valid up to 1year from the date of payment.
  10. It's always good to be prepared and have all the documents. I still don't understand why you are worri d in takings both.
  11. deepaknuniwal

    Passport expiry before US travel

    You can't travel with a expired passport.(full stop)
  12. deepaknuniwal

    Please Help ( Submitted DS160 form )

    No, fill a proper DS 160 with accurate information matching passport and other documents. Fill and be ready with another ds160, because to update ds160 for appointment you will be required to cancel the appointment then update profile and reseehdule.
  13. deepaknuniwal

    Successful VISA interview @ Ottawa

    @Satyav: I don even have a return ticket yet. So no. If asked tell at immigration it's not confirmed yet and you will book the return ticket after some time. Plus when you get down here, they will give you a form that you fillup and hand it at immigration, if you mention 1 week or so they will send you for second verification where they will ask to show appointment and docs that's it.
  14. deepaknuniwal

    Successful VISA interview @ Ottawa

    @Sai: I haven't picked my passport yet I got email today around 5.30PM that it's sent to Loomis but Loomis closes at 6 and also weekends, so I can't pick it up before Monday. Expect minimum 3 working days to pick the passport. As for hotels It was unplanned for me plus it's costly here. Book in advance, I booked from priceline and so far liked the hotels. I stayed at crowne plaza hull-Gatineau and its 1.7km from embassy. Now I came outside the downtown area so it's compartivl cheaper. Expect Canada a costly place. Very costly.