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  1. Hi, I am in H1B, applied COS to H4, it's till pending, my current project ended on July 31(my last paycheck till July end). I am travelling to India on Aug-20 while coming back, I want to enter on H4. Do I need to run pay check from Aug-1 to Aug-20 to maintain status ? Other Question, While scheduling Visa interview for H4 along with my husband H1B, by default it's select drop box option to due my husband H1 options, I enter US on H4 and converted to H1B. I am not sure I am eligible for H4 drop box option, please help me.
  2. thangamani.ms@gmail.com

    H-4 EADs

    Hi, I am in H1B and my spouse have Approved I-140. Here is my Question:- 1. If I apply COS from H1 to H4 - till my H4 Approval , Can I Work with my H1 Status or not? 2. Can I apply H1 to H4 and EAD concurrently with H4 filing receipt. 4. If no for 2nd Question, when my H4 approved and filing for EAD till my EAD approval, Can I continue to work with EAD filing receipt?