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  1. Hello, EB1A (ext. ability) approved, but was sponsored by the current employer (with physician listed as a beneficiary). Can I change jobs (same field) before, or at the time of, filing I-485, or is the fact that the employer sponsored I-140 (even though it's not required, and no PERM was needed), prevents me from doing so? Thank you!
  2. MNspouse

    H4 spouse of Conrad 30 to H1B - consular processing?

    I realize that details may require individualized treatment, but I'm just asking to see if that's even an option, or if anyone has actually done that (successfully) after changes announced by USCIS in 2013/14.
  3. Hello, I'm a spouse of Conrad 30 doc, currently on H4 visa. I read that recently USCIS changed its interpretation of the rules and does not allow people in my situation to change status to anything other than H4, until the physician completes her 3 year service. However, I also saw somewhere (it may be that it was even somewhere on this page, but I can't find it now), that it only means that USCIS will not approve a change of status from H4 to H1B, but it does not prevent me from applying for H1B and setting it up for consular processing. So, I have a few questions. 1. Does anyone know if its true? In other words, can you get a H1B by simply electing consular processing over COS? (it almost sounds too good to be true:) 2. What are the risks of consular processing in this case? Specifically, what happens to my H4 status if, say USCIS approves the H1B petition and sends it to the embassy, and they refuse to give me the visa? Is my H4 still valid? I'd appreciate any feedback!