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  1. prad0211


    7th July
  2. prad0211

    Number of part-time CPT's on F-1 visa

    Why not pre-completion OPT for your internship? CPT is a red flag - has always been.
  3. prad0211

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    If the OP is eligible, moving to a dependent status wouldn't be a shady COS scenario.
  4. prad0211

    STEM OPT expiring soon, grace period?

    If your H-1B petition is not selected in the lottery, you'll have 60 days from the end of your STEM OPT to either leave the country or change to a different status.
  5. If your husband started his H1B in October, your F2 is not valid anymore as it would have gotten changed to a H4. Without a F1 or a H4 stamping, you wouldn't be able to enter the US once you exit.
  6. prad0211

    F2-F1 Change of Status

    Are you even allowed to pursue a Master's degree while on F-2?
  7. prad0211

    OPT and H1

    If your petition gets selected in the lottery, assuming there will be a lottery, you will be on cap-gap till 09/30.
  8. prad0211

    STEM OPT extension on prior STEM degree

    If you had used OPT earlier at the Master's level, how are you getting OPT again for your MBA?
  9. prad0211

    STEM OPT Exten Denied

    Did you apply for 24 months extension or 17 months?
  10. prad0211

    Documents required to apply for OPT

    I am not sure about the I-20's from your undergrad program. When I applied for my OPT for my Master's degree, I had to submit my I-20 where my DSO had recommended for the OPT along with the check, photos, passport copies with I-94. I did not get my undergrad from US so your requirement might be different but since this is at a master's level, I believe the master's I-20 should still be enough. Hope this helps!
  11. prad0211

    Documents required to apply for OPT

    Just the OPT I-20 should work.
  12. prad0211

    OPT Stem Extension

    If the extension packet reaches USCIS before the current OPT ends, one can work till the case is adjudicated or for 90(?) days, whichever is earlier.
  13. prad0211

    OPT Stem Extension

    There is no grace period to apply STEM extension after your initial OPT expires. Your extension package should reach USCIS before your OPT expires.
  14. prad0211

    Changing Employers

    I am currently working for Employer A on STEM extension. I got confirmation from our attorneys yesterday that my H1-B petition was selected in the lottery. I have a standing offer from Employer B who wants me to start in July. Assuming my H1-B petition gets approved, will I be able to switch employers in July and Employer B files for a H1-B transfer on the 1st of October? Thanks in advance for your response!
  15. prad0211


    Cap gap comes into play, only if the H1-B petition is approved.