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  1. Hi Murthy Law Firm and Team, My Perm was filed and have approved i-140 (EB-2 and PD Aug 2011) with employer A and moved back to India due to visa extension went over 240 days in 2018 and was not allowed to work, so i went to India and after few months later the h1 extension with company A got denied. I switched to company B back in India who also filed the h1 transfer before moving to India. As my h1 transfer with company B got approved, so came back to US in 2019 and now Company B has filed the PERM process and is still in progress, So now a days it is taking so long to approve. Now i have an opportunity to join back company A and they have confirmed that my PERM is not revoked. In this scenario, is it advisable to re-join Company A who has PERM/I-140 and just have to wait for my PD to be current and file 1-485 or is there any impact as Company B's perm is in progress. Or else does Company A has to start from the beginning of filing PERM and I-140 again. Please advise.
  2. Kumar_7856

    B2 Visa Query

    Hi Murhty Firm, My mother came on visitor visa B2 on Sep 2nd 2014 for a period of 5 and half months and her i-94 authorization expires Mar 01 2015. We booked her return flight on Feb18th but unfortunately, we lost her passport on Feb 13, so postponed to Feb 28th after getting confirmation from Indian consulate that they would issue new/duplicate passport before Feb 28th. We applied for a duplicate passport on feb 18th at Indian consulate, SF and we were told that we would receive the passport in 1 week but we have not received yet. So we have not yet filed for extension as we were sure that we would get passport before her i94 expired but now it looks like not. So my question is as it’s a new passport she gonna get now and will not have previous arrival or departure info, Is it must to file an extension as it’s a valid reason (have all proofs, police report, application receipt) why she is staying beyond authorized stay. What happens is she does n’t file extension? Would it be a problem if she wants to visit US again? I am sure that we would get the passport in a week or 2 for sure, so want to check with you what should I do as I am running out of time. Also we were told that she needs to get new visa stamped as she lost the passport. Is it true?