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  1. I attended citizenship interview 2 weeks back and due to requirement of additional documents, decision is still pending. Now I received a jury duty letter. Technically I am not a citizen and am thinking of saying 'No' to their questionnaire online 'Are you a US Citizen?". Unexpectedly, I also came across an alert when I logged on to my bank mortgage account. The pop up box was indicating me as US citizen with a question ' Do you have dual citizenship?' Will it be ok if I reply to jury duty letter and say I am not a US citizen as of today?
  2. nriq

    Tax Returns

    Thanks for your reply. No. The letter does not ask me to bring tax records. I was just preparing to collect documents for the interview as per the general list of documents.
  3. nriq

    Tax Returns

    I am having my Citizenship interview next week. I could get the Tax Return transcripts from the local office for the last 4 years. For previous years, they said I have to mail Form 4506 to IRS paying $50 for every year prior to the last 4 years that may take time. Is it ok if I take only the tax transcripts for the recent 4 years from year 2013? I actually got my Green card in 2011 and will they ask for my transcripts from 2011 to 2016? I would appreciate reply from experienced forum members.
  4. nriq

    Change of Employer

    Thank you Pontevecchio. I feel good now.
  5. As my GC was sponsored by a different employer, I used AC21 letter from my current employer and got my GC in 2011and am continuing to work with them. Recently I applied for Citizenship and got my finger prints done. Will there be questions during citizenship interview if I change my employer now?
  6. I got my GC in July 2011. Now I am applying for Citizenship though I became eligible in 2016. I should put the start date of employment as Feb 2012 with my current employer or July 2011 which is my gc date. In fact I am working in this company for 10 years since Jan 2007
  7. I did my AC21 and I am working with my current employer for the past 9.5 years (4 years before GC and 5.5 years after GC) - The form asks details for the past 5 years only. What date I give as from date? Also for the end date can I type as present? The date question applies to my residence also
  8. I got green card and welcome notice for me and my wife on last Friday. My pd was July 2006 Thanks Murthy Forum that helped me at all stages with tons of information. Good Luck to All who are expecting their GCs!
  9. Finally got Green cards and welcome notice for me and my wife after lot of suspenses. EB2 - PD July 31, 2006 TSC RFE= one last month for TB skin test Really murthy forum helped me a lot to know so many things. My hope was always kept alive. Thanks a lot for the forum and contributors and Good Luck to all GC Believers!
  10. I got 2 CPO emails from TSC on 07/11/11 but the next day I got another email stating status changed to 'Decision'. Today I got one more email saying the case is approved and status changed to 'post decision'. Did this happen to any one?
  11. PD : July 31, 2006 I-140 Approved (Filed separately before I-485) I-485 Applied in Aug 2007. No RFE, FP done (Only once)in Nov 2007. Status: initial review.
  12. I have the following situation. Company A My I-485 was applied in 2007 through Company A and is pending with a PD of July 31, 2006 (EB-2). Company B I am working with Company B for more than 3 years after sending AC-21 letter indicating B as my Future employer. I also have an approved I-140 (EB3)through company B with a PD of May 19, 2006. Can I port my PD from EB3 to EB2. Can this be done by me or does it require an attorney? Experts. Please advise