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    H-4 EADs

    My husband and I are on H1 and I am currently working as a software consultant through a H1 i got last year, my husband's I-140 is approved and we meet the criteria to get EAD according to the newly passed rule . Once this rule goes into effect do I have to change my visa status from H1 to H4 to apply for a EAD? . Should I stay out of work till I get my EAD? How does this work? Can I apply H4 independently or should it be through my husband's employer ? I have a approved H4 until 2017, can I use this to apply for EAD, or will this be void since I got my H1 last october? Once the change of status happens from H1 to H4 until I get EAD ,the in between time should I resign my current job? Is there any intermediate state where in I can stay working and update the EAD with my employer?