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  1. MeethiS

    Filing i485 for spouse (who is on L1)

    Thanks! I am signing forms today and now I feel confident. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, Can someone help me understand answer to following question on Form i485. I am on H1B and primary applicant of GC application. My employer is filing i140 & i485 concurrently for me. My employer is asking me to provide form i485 for my spouse who is on L1B visa status. They are not able to provide me guidance for my spouse forms and I am confused on following question. Form i485 Part 2 - question "I am applying for an adjustment to permanent resident status because:" Option 1: An immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number that has been approved. (Attach a copy of the approval notice, or a relative, special immigrant juvenile, or special immigrant military visa petition filed with this application that will give you an immediately available visa number, if approved.) Option 2: My spouse or parent applied for adjustment of status or was granted lawful permanent residence in an immigrant visa category that allows derivative status for spouses and children. What should my Spouse select (option 1 or option 2) ?
  3. MeethiS

    Is it must to file for EAD I-765 with I-485?

    I am principal and on H1. My spouse is on L1. Is it must for my spouse to file i-765 along with i-485? Can he only apply for i-485 and continue to work on L1 visa with his employer?
  4. Hi, I am seeking suggestions and guidance in the following scenario. I am on H1B visa and my i140 got approved(EB1 category) last week. My spouse is on L1 Visa. My employer is asking me to submit i485, G-325A, i765 for my spouse as well. I am particularly concerned about form i765 for my spouse who is right now on L1 visa. My questions: a) Should I submit Form i765 for my spouse? b) Will approval on i765 cause an issue with his existing L1 status? c) Does my spouse needs to be on H4 before i can submit form i765 for him? d) What could we expect if we apply only form i485 and G-325A for my spouse AND do not apply form i765 for my spouse. Thanks for your time reading my queries, please suggest and share your thoughts.
  5. Cool. Guess I have my answer. Many thanks!
  6. Dear Members, I would have my employer file I-140. Once I-140 is approved can I seek assistance of a law firm and apply I-145 for myself and spouse(without having employer help me in I-145). Are there any challenges that can arise if I-145 is processed by employee? Thanks again!!
  7. MeethiS

    Can one have H1 and L1 both...??

    I have a similar situation but may be has a H4 status attached to person. Person A has H4 and currently in India working company C1. Another company C2 applied for H1 (Cap exempt). In the mean time person A traveled to US for a short vacation on H4 visa. While in US got to know H1 (cap exempt) application has been approved. Person A travels back to India so as to resign C1 and serve notice period for C1. Question#1: Can A travel back to US on H4 and apply for COS after reaching US? Question#2: If Company C1 wants to apply L1, will it get rejected due to H1B petition approved? Are there any scenarios we should be aware of? Question#3: Lets us suppose if A comes back to US on L1 and due to some reason loses job; can a new employer C3 use previous approved petition & apply for H1B transfer? Is there any timeframe before which H1 transfer has to happen? Will any documents be needed from employee C2 ? Question#4: If Company C1 is ready to transfer H1, can this happen when A is in India? Thanks for reading this through.. will be glad if someone can suggest on these queries.
  8. MeethiS

    Adding dependents to GC process

    Thanks for your response. I might be eligible for EB1 category and thus step 1 might not be required. As I understand from your reply, my spouse needs to apply for EAD once I-140 is approved. And at this time; he is required to be in US. Correct? Also, until I-140 is approved; dependents are not required to be added to the application, right?
  9. MeethiS

    Adding dependents to GC process

    Thanks for your response.
  10. Hi, I am on H1B right now and am about to start GC process soon. My question is regarding dependents on the GC application. Broadly I understand the steps of GC as follows: Step1: PERM LABOR Certification Step2: I-140 Immigration petition Step3: I-485 Adjustment of Status 1. My question is when are the dependent details added to GC application? 2. As I understand each dependent needs to get the health-check report from doctor in US. When is this required? 3. When is it must for dependents to be present in U.S. during above steps? My husband has a H4 but he is right now in India, so I need to know when is the latest when he should be traveling to US to get the GC process right? 4. Does the dependent need to have a SSN in any of the steps above? It might sound confusing and a repeated question; however I would be glad if someone could help me resolve the queries for my situation. I want to choose the right time so that my husband could visit US to get the proper documentation done on his behalf. Not to mention I am doing the GC process to have H4+EAD for him to be able to start working in US. Regards, Ruchi
  11. MeethiS

    H1 Transfer or Fresh H1B

    Dear Attorney, I am in urgent need of advise. Kindly help me. My employer had applied for H1B during the year of 2008 & we did receive I-797C, Notice of Action. Dates mentioned on I-797 are as follows: Received Date: April 14, 2008 Notice Date: April 23, 2008 I did not proceed with further process(visa stamping) due to personal reasons and have never traveled to United States. My question is: I would now like to pursue job opportunities in US now. Which works best for me: a) Employer filing for H1B Cap Exempt ? or b) Employer filing a fresh H1B petition on Apr 1, 2015? In either cases, how many number of years visa could be granted to me. Appreciate quicker response. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Ruchi