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  1. Hello All, I have approved EAD, AP, I140 (EB3 downgrade) with priority date of Sept 2013 with Employer X. I have changed the job to Employer Y in January 2022 who happened to be the parent company of Employer X at that time. Unfortunately the previous employer X for acquired by some other company recently. Since my PD is current with the June bulletin under EB2, I have requested my current employer to interfile along with I485J to port the pending I485. I have been told by current employer that 1. They cannot interfile, since my previous employer got merged/acquired by some other company 2. They can file I485J and I can continue to extend the approved EAD/AP (EB3 downgrade) 3. I will have to wait for my PD to become current under EB3 or start the GC process all over again with new company under EB2 category(time consuming. At, this time I am seeking a second opinion or guidance on what my employer has suggested? Could someone please let me know if I can still interfile although the previous employer has been acquired. Also, My spouse is secondary under my pending I485 application and my spouses PD is current under Eb2 category with June bulletin. Can my spouse file i485 with me being secondary. Thank you for any help or guidance you all can provide. Thanks.
  2. Pavan -- since you haven't paid visa fees or filled DS form, I would suggest you to renew the passport and begin the process to avoid unnecesary confusions like mine.
  3. Hello All, Please help me with my situation, I have just paid visa application fees using the with OLD PASSPORT information (haven't made interview appointment yet), I have realized that the passport will be expiring soon (in less than a year) and applied for passport renewal. My question is that can I fill out DS-160 with NEW PASSPORT information once it arrives and attend the visa interview with old and new passports? Please guide me if any of you have faced similar situation before. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!! Thanks, Abhi.
  4. abhi.reddy

    I-94 Extension at Loredo, Texas POE

    Hi all, I am planning on going to the San Ysidro border for I-94 renewal(which is about to expire due to passpport). Could someone please confirm that Mexican visa is not needed to cross the border and return immediately. Thank you so much for the help Abhi.
  5. Guys, Could someone who already got their I-94 renewed at San Ysidro border confirm that no Mexican Visa is needed to cross the border and return immediately. Thanks in advance for the help! Abhi
  6. Hi global82, I am planning to go the San Ysidro border for I-94 extension on Feb 18th 2014. Thank you so much for the details and Could you please confirm that NO MEXICAN VISA is needed to cross the border and return? Thanks, Abhi.