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  1. tosandyg

    H4 EAD Status

    Hi All, This is sandeep. I got the package return from USCIS, they have changed the payment from 380 dollars to 410 dollars. So every one will get the package back. More over that address i sent is correct. Thanks, Sandeep.
  2. tosandyg

    H4 EAD no receipt /checks not cashed

    My case is also same . I live in California and set it to below location, it has been 3 weeks completed. no sign yet. USCISPO Box 21281Phoenix, AZ 85036
  3. tosandyg

    H4 EAD Status

    Hi Friends/Support, I have applied H4 EAD for my wife on MARCH 03 2017. It has been 3 weeks completed, as now I didn't get the conformation from USCIS and my check is not deposited from there account as well. Here is the address that I sent it to : USCISPO Box 21281Phoenix, AZ 85036 Is that address correct ? or what could be the reason it is still not in progress ? Please suggest me my next steps. Thanks, Sandeep.
  4. tosandyg

    H1B Stomping is required ?

    Hi Frnds, I was with company A and my h1b stomping is done with them. Now I moved to company B . Do i need to go for visa stomping ? Is there any issues in port of entry ? Please let me know. Thanks, Sandeep.
  5. tosandyg

    Vancouver Feb3rd 221g-yellow slip

    what is your interview questions?
  6. Or call me at **********
  7. Hi frnds, My salary is more than my LCA aroun 30K difference , Before I go to visa do i need to file a LCA with new salary ? Please let me know from your expireance . Thanks
  8. Hi lets share the accommodation , please me at tosandyg atgmail. I will call you from there.
  9. tosandyg

    Stamping in Vancouver, Canada on 27th Jan

    Hi Kumar, I am looking for accommodation in Vancouver location, Could you please share me the contact details ? ************@gmail.com Thanks, Sandeep
  10. Hi , Yes , I am looking for accommodation in Vancouver, Can you please reach me at *************@gmail.com. Thanks, Sandeep
  11. Hi Frnds, I have H1-B interview scheduled on Feb 17 at Vancouver, Canada consulate. Looking for sharing accommodation during this period. Please reply if anyone willing to. Thanks, Sandeep