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  1. cipher20

    H1B unemployment period and unemployment benefits

    Thank you for the information @JoeF and @Leavemessageh1b @Leavemessageh1b- A couple of lawyers said that is it sufficient for USCIS to receive H1B transfer application within 60 days. Did you mean the same or that the transfer application should be complete / approved within 60 days?
  2. Work in California on H1B visa. Was laid off on 7/9/21 and received by last paycheck the same day. Want to understand few things .The paycheck I received is dated 7/1 - 7/15/21 but pay prorated for number of days worked in July . They offered 4 weeks pay as severance package, but it looks like it would be a 1 time payment. Asked them to keep me on payroll instead to extend the 60 day period but employer said they cannot do it. - When does my unemployment period start - 7/9 or 7/15 ? - For the 60 day unemployment period - Do I need to receive a job offer within 60 days or have my visa transferred within 60 days or satisfy some other condition to not be out of status ? - Am I eligible to claim unemployment benefits from Cal State. If I do claim would it have any legal repercussions in future for Green Card etc ??
  3. A friend of mine wants to apply for a US tourist visa (she is located in India). She is going to be filing for divorce and it may take some time for the court proceedings to complete. Her current passport has her husband's last name and she will change it to her maiden last name after the divorce. She will get a new physical passport I believe when she applies for name change after divorce. I wanted to know, incase she is granted a tourist visa before the divorce, will she have to apply for a new visa after she gets a new passport as a result of this, even if her current tourist visa is still valid. Or can she continue to carry both passports to travel to US when she wants.
  4. I am a H1B visa holder in US. I like photography as a hobby. I wanted to check if it is legal for me to earn money through my photography skills. I currently do not make any extra income other than my primary employment with the company that sponsored by visa. Some of the activities that I had in mind to possibly pursue - Sell prints online or otherwise - Money from some sort of photoshoot (family photshoot, portraits, weddings etc) - Photography workshop either in person / possibly online - Utilizing other photography related skills like help with editing images etc - I also wanted to clarify that earning money / rewards through some photography contest is not illegal ?
  5. Thank you for the responses. However is it ok to take part in contests /competitions ?
  6. cipher20

    Starting companies on H1b

    I believe the "Searching technologies" part would constitute as active work which is an infringement of your H1B visa. P.S. - I am not an expert on immigration law and this is based on things I have read or learnt from others regarding such matters.
  7. Hello, My PERM filed by my employer just got approved. It was filed in Aug 2014. They will be filing for my I140 soon. I am currently in my 6th year of H1B which ends in Sept '15. I wanted to know when can I switch jobs after my I140 is approved in order to use the AC21 portability rule (to avoid loosing my priority date) or avoid any consequences if my current employer revokes the I140. I read some articles on it , but I am not clear. It seems I can change after 180 days after I140 is approved. I wanted to make sure are the 180 days to be counted from the date of I140 approval or from the I140 filing date? Any other quirks I need to keep in mind when switching jobs? Thank you
  8. Hi Ashuneel, Thanks for replying. Its good to know I can switch anytime after an approved I-140 and I am planning to get it done with premium processing. However since you mentioned about pending I-140. Even if I do not go for premium processing and my I-140 is still pending in september, my understanding is I can keep getting 1 year extensions (for a max of total 10 H1 B years). I believe if my PERM certification was still pending in Sept ' 15 (in my case it is certified ), and if it has been pending for less than 365 days in Sept ' 15 then I would not be able to get extensions on H1 immediately.
  9. Hello, I work in the US ( and single if that matters) and my parents are going in for a US visitor visa interview on 27th Jan 2015 at Mumbai Consulate. Their visa was rejected in 2012 when I had offered sponsorship for the trip with all required documents. Reason for rejection was possible immigrant intent. Family situation at the time of reject and still the same Father retired Mother working in bank Elder sister who is married and settled in India. This time we decided to not declare my sponsorship and let them self sponsor. I wanted to see if this might be a problem, and incase they are asked why I am not sponsoring this time, what should they answer ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you for the replies jairichi and rahul412 I just wanted to update the thread incase it may help anybody else. My parents' visas were approved this time :) All they were asked this time is - Who do you know in US / who lives in US (told about me) - When did he last visit India (2 years in my case) - My father's occupation before retirement - About other children and what they do.