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  1. Hi shruti ,

    I am in similar situation can you update if you received your ead card or if you were able to reapply.Appreciate your help in advance.


  2. Hi Did  You receive your card if yes let me know the steps you took.

  3. Sir My name is Sruthi Manchala. I have sent my application for H4 EAD (Form - I765 and supporting documentation) on 05/26/2015 to Dallas Service Centre and received an acknowledgement on 06/01/2015 from Vermont Service Centre that the application was received by them on 05/28/2015. My case was approved and I received approval notice (I-797) on 07/09/2015. It indicated that Form I-766 (EAD) was sent under separate cover.Till date, I haven't received my EAD card. My online case status is indicated as "Case was approved on 07/09/2015". I have raised two service requests till date since the approval and I received reply that the case was assigned to some officer and they would reply. I haven't received any update till date about my case. Last week, I made an appointment with local USICS office (Los Angeles). The officer at the local USICS office was surprised to hear about my case and he said that he cannot help me much other than raising one more service request. Third service request was raised by the officer and I haven't received any reply even for that. He also confirmed that the card was not mailed to me and it was only sent to production. When I asked him if I can re-apply, he neither encouraged or denied. I have even called customer service number many times and I didn't receive any positive reply from them. Can you please suggest if I can re-apply for H4 EAD under such circumstances by clearly mentioning the reason for my re-approval. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello all I have my I-140 approved with Company A. Company A is in the process of merging with Company B and Company A informed me that my I-140 needs to be amended with Company B. Company A informed me that the merging process would be completed by mid April'2015. If Company B applies for I-140 amendment in mid April, can you please let me know how long it would take for the amendment of I-140 to Company B? Thank u in advance.
  5. Hi My name is Sruthi Manchala and I'm presently on H4 visa in USA since April'2014. I have completed my M-Tech (Measurement & Instrumentation) from IIT Roorkee, India and have around 5 years experience as Telecom Engineer with the top most Oil & Gas Consultancy in India (Engineers India Limited). While I was thinking of applying for Masters program, I came across University Extended Certificate Program (Project Management) in some universities such as UCLA, UC San Diego etc. Below are the details of the program: https://www.uclaextension.edu/Pages/ProgramDetails.aspx?reg=CF536 http://extension.ucsd.edu/department/elp/coursesprograms/index.cfm?vAction=certprojectmanagement The above programs looked very interesting to me as they have one year OPT period after completion of course (2 quarters) & additional one quarter (elective). I have following few queries about the program: a) Will I be eligible to apply for H1-B under Masters quota / regular quota after the completion of OPT period? b) Does anyone has any experience with these program and if so, please provide your feedback so that I can proceed accordingly. Thanks in advance. Regards Sruthi Manchala sruthimanchala@gmail.com