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  1. Hi , I filed my I-485 application, with Family based, got an RFE For Birth certificate. I have my birth certificate from Chennai government, but my name and my mother's name is spelt wrong.Can i add additional documents along with this birth certificate to prove my identity like school certificate, My parents Passport copies, Ration card and along with cover letter. Thanks, Abhilasha.
  2. abhiyera

    H1B Transfer

    Thanks Rohan. What other options will i have incase if i don't find a project in 60 days. Please Advise. Thanks, Abhilasha
  3. abhiyera

    H1B Transfer

    Hi, I'm Abhy. I recently got a full time Job in Nov' 16, due to changing situations i was laid off in Feb'2017 in a company XXX, they gave like a months Time to find some one to transfer my visa or find a new Job. Due to the Current Laws and Conditions, Nobody is ready to transfer the Visa until unless i have a project , which makes sense too. This is my second H1B. I'm single, So there is no way i can be dependent here, Also I have been reading in the online Forums saying if they suspend my visa, the grace period is Extended to 60 days before it was 10 days , In what condition this is true? Is this applicable to everybody. What are the Other Options I will have if i want to stay here ? Please Advise.
  4. abhiyera

    H1B stamping

    Hi, My name is Abhy..I would like to know, what are the Countries available for First time H1B stamping.Can it be done in canada,If so What is the check list.Any Reply Regarding this issue will be Appreciated. Thanks. Abhilasha.