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  1. Hi abhi, 

    i am also under the same situation like yours, as I received RFE for h1 extension as it is from non-profit Stratford university, need to know your feedback and suggestions on what happened with your case, plz respond


  2. Thanks for your reply. Can I file for new H1 under general quota from different employer?
  3. Thank you everyone for your help. I Completely aggere with above comments. 1) How do i fight the case if I get RFE for h1 extension? By the time I got H1 approval notice the general quota for H1 is still open.if I would have got rejection at that time I would have easily applied in general quota. Do i have a point here? 2) For greencard processing does the university need to be Non profit university. I searches USCIS rules. They mentioned university must be non profit for H1 but did not mention that for labor or I140 filing. So i am thinking to file my labor under EB2. Please suggest.
  4. Hello everyone, I was about to start my green card processing. Got a shocker from my lawyer. He told me I cannot apply in EB2 since my university (Stratford university) is FOR PROFIT university and they already got couple of RFE's for EB2 with Stratford degree. He is suggesting to apply in EB3. So I started researching online and to my surprise I have seen many people complaining they got RFE's while extending their H1 (their initial H1 is approved under Masters Quota for Stratford or other FOR PROFIT universities)Saying that their initial H1 was approved by mistake and asking them to prove that they satisfy below rule According to section 101(a), an institution of higher education is an educational institution that is, among other things, a public or other nonprofit institution and is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency or association or has been granted pre accreditation status by such an agency or association recognized for granting pre accreditation status. Under this definition, a university that is private and for-profit or that is unaccredited is not considered an institution of higher education. My background: 1) Got H1 under masters quota using Stratford degree for 1 year in 2012 (Approved on SEP 2012) 2) H1 extended for 3 more years 2013 to 2015 . 3) H1 set to expire on OCT 2015 4) Started green card processing( filing for labor) in Jan 2015 My questions 1) I am 90% sure I will be getting RFE when I file for H1 extension in 2015. What can i do about it ? how to fight it? I have seen many forums where people having issues for H1 extension using For profit university degrees like from Stratford university, But not able to find anyone having issues with for profit universities for applying Green card. 2) Is it true that using certificates from for profit universities like Stratford there are no issues while filing for Greencard. It is an issue only when you are extending your H1 ? 3) Is section 101(a) or something similar applicable for green card too which does not qualify people with certificates from for profit universities to be considered for EB2 ? 4) Should I file for my green card in EB2 or EB3? Also I want to warn People who got degrees from FOR PROFIT universities about this situation. I am not confirming anything but Hey, please do your research .Please let your friends know about this issues. It came to me as complete surprise and out of the blue. I don't want to deal with this in current situation. So many things happening with me now .... Anyways I really appreciate you help on this. Please suggest ....