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  1. Hello, I am currently on a TN visa working in the US. I have been working for my current employer for a year, and was granted a 3 year TN. I recently got an offer from another organization and would like to know the specifics on changing my TN to a new employer. 1) If I want to stay within the same TN occupational category, does my job description have to be the exact same? 2) Is it safer to stay under the same TN category instead of changing to another one? 3) I heard the managerial consultant category is highly scrutinized. Would switching to that category make things more complicated? If there is anyone who can assist me with this please reach out. I would GREATLY appreciate any advice, feedback and assistance. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your reply JoeF. Can you please clarify or elaborate on what you mean by "Status" that allows me to work for that particular organization? And how do I get this information? Basically I need to know if the other organization can hire me on my social. My visa however is provided by a different organization. I would appreciate your help.
  3. Hello, I finally obtained a SSN number which states "Valid for work only with DHS Authorization". I obtained this SSN through a G2 Diplomatic visa provided by the United Nations. My question is, am I able to use this SSN number to work with a different organization or job in general while my visa is still valid? I would greatly appreciate any help and feedback in this regard.
  4. Hello all, I desperately need help with my visa situation. I am a Canadian citizen residing in the US. I am currently on a G2 visa provided by the UN where I intern. I finally got a job offer (after a long exhausting search) from a non profit organization. They have stated that they are not in the position they once were to provide me with a visa due to lack of funding and time. They are trying to get the position filled asap, which is why they cannot keep it open for me much longer even though they have expressed that they want me on board and are doing what they can. I believe the H1b is out of the question because the deadline for that visa is over for the year, and it costs a lot more for an organization to take on. This leaves me with the TN visa option. After doing my own research on the TN visa, I have realized that it is no easy process. This visa category is catered to very specific employment categories and requires that ones area of study matches the category itself. I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science/Legal Studies and my prospective job title is "Alumni Coordinator". Just to help with as much information for the TN as possible, some of the basic duties of this job are as follows The purpose of this position is to facilitate a robust support program for Technology Service Corps (TSC) alumni, with the goal of ensuring that all obtain and retain employment, sustain independence and advance their careers through continued education or training. The Alumni Coordinator provides one-to-one counseling to alumni, coordinates events focused on the professional development of alumni, supports and coordinates the TSC alumni council and implements TCS’s in-house mentoring and continuing education program (described in greater detail below), among other varied responsibilities. The Alumni Coordinator is further responsible for capturing all relevant data on alumni employment and education activity. If there is any way my situation can be catered to the TN visa category please please let me know. I understand if I live in the US already, I can apply to get my TN from the States except it is a longer process. Since the organization is pressed for time to quickly get the position filled, I may have to go to the border directly to get my TN. This however is a strict process and I have heard many situations where one gets denied. Please shed some light on the matter to what would be the best and most practical way of doing this. Lastly, I am awaiting my Social Security Number that I am able to obtain through my G2 visa. Is it possible that I work for another organization other than the UN on that Social Security? This would be helpful in buying me time till the TN gets sorted out if possible. Any help, advice and/or feedback on the matter would be greatly appreciated!!!