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  1. allaboutsam

    H1 transfer for a revoked H1

    Dear Respected Members, I have valid H1 from company A( valid till Apr 2016) and I had transferred to Company B (which is stamped and valid till Feb 2018). Company B has recently revoked my H1 and I'm outside of US now. I am aware I'm not subjected to quota.. But I am not clear about the transfer process and I would be grateful if you would clarify this.. 1) Should I use the company A's H1 and get my transfer ? 2) Or should use the company B's revoked H1 and get a transfer ? 3) Without any reference of previous H1 the transfer can happen ? If so, I should not be afraid that I need to do a transfer or before Apr 2016 and I can do it anytime before 2018 ? 4) If any of the above scenario happens and I get my H1 approved from the new employer and mailed to my present address.. Can I travel with the new approved petition with existing stamped visa ? or should i need to go for stamping again ? Please clarify.. Much appreciate your help in advance, Thanks
  2. allaboutsam

    H1B Will Be Revoked But Have A Fulltime Offer

    Hope you got your H1 approved from Z company
  3. allaboutsam

    H1B out of status

    1. How long can I stay in US? Is there a grace of 180 days? Ans) No grace period , but it will take at least 30 days to get updated in the system. 2. I know I am out of status, in case I get a job, should I go to India for stamping or can I go to Canada? Ans) If you get a job within 30 days you don't have go for stamping now... India - I wouldn't suggest because it might take longer time and if you get any queries (221g) your wait will be anytime between 2-6 months or 1 years or more varies from case to case.... The brighter side is you get sometime to spend time with your family/friends and explore opportunities in India and other countries.. Canada - Even, if you get 221g it might get resolved in a couple of months (provided you are not going on a holiday session like Christmas) Why not Jamaica ? 3. How do I know if my H1B got revoked or not? - Ans) Please check in this site https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do 4. Incase it got revoked do I have to file a new H1B under cap regulations or am I still outside the cap since I once held the H1B. Ans) Don't worry dude you will get a job within a month (or you might have already have one as I type) .. You should be flexible enough to take any role (testing) and not to be rigid with mobile testing...
  4. allaboutsam

    H1B after 1 year 3 months post 221g

    ibrahim237,Aasalam Ibrahim, What happ to your visa status now ? Since you worked both in US and saudi . Could you please explain the work dynamic ? Coz I'm planning to move to Saudi soon..
  5. Dear Members, I got my 221g few months ago and I was supporting from offshore. Few weeks ago my company terminated me however, I got my H1B approved visa a couple of days ago. I am informed by ex-company as well but I haven't got any response. Could you travel with the visa to US will that be an issue in Port of Entry ? Should i transfer the visa first and come to US? This is the last quarter in US.. Is this a good time to come to US or would do I lose all my savings? Regards Abdul
  6. allaboutsam

    H1B after 1 year 3 months post 221g

    Hi Tejalks, That was one hell of write up, Indeed it lifted my hopes, Thank you so much. I had my visa stamping interview on April 1st ( I got fooled I believe) and this is my second time for stamping the previous one was smooth as a sail so I was hoping history will repeat again but it didn't I received 221g letter asking for some supporting documents for the projects but I work for my company's product development and I replied back with the relevant document on April 6th. However, I got another email on Apr 8th asking for submitting the same documents and I did submit the same document as per the instructions from my attorney. Also last month I got an email asking for submitting the document in the Dropbox location and I did submit those documents in the Dropbox location as well. After 60 days of waiting period my employer reached out to some congressman and tried to expedite the process but nothing worked till now. A couple of days ago I received an email stating to collect my passport (however, I still hold my passport with me) so contacted the support team and they informed that they have some documents and instructions for the next steps. I went with all the hopes that they are asking me to submit my passport however my hopes all went in vain because I got another 221g case stating "Your application needs further administrative processing more making Final decision can be made" Yesterday, I got this letter and I am back to square one. Kindly suggest if you have any inputs , suggestions and/or guidance.
  7. allaboutsam

    After 221g, Email from Consulate

    Hi Mahesh, So you went to the same location where they asked to collect your passport (but you had your passport with you) and you collected all your documents. ? Again do you have to fill the new DS-160 and pay the amount to the US consulate ? Please respond immediately because I'm in the same situation and I received an email yesterday to collect my passport whereas I hold my passport with me. Thanks
  8. allaboutsam

    Gap between jobs - DS160 and visa interview Question

    What happ ? Please respond ? I am in the same boat well
  9. allaboutsam

    H1 transfer - Imp - Please reply

    Dear Respected Attorneys/ Members, I transferred my H1 visa from Company A to Company B. However, I got an RFE and still the RFE hasn't been responded. During this process I had applied through Company C and got H1 petition approved using Company A's paperwork. Now, the question if the Company B's H1 get rejected then what happens say after a few months, Will that become my latest status..? "Is Latest is the Latest status " Kindly clarify ?
  10. Dear Attorney/Respected members, I was laid off from company A last December 31st 2014 and immediately company B had filed an H1 petition however, we have RFE now. In parallel, I was also looking out for other opportunities and found an another FTE potential opportunity and they would be filling my petition today - Feb 19. In this case, Can I use Company B's petition which is not approved or I should use only approved petition of Company A's? 1. My severance pay check was till Jan 30 and PTO pay checks may come in a week or two. ? 2. Should company B run my payroll from Jan onwards or will my severe and PTO days checks will be taken into consideration ? 3. If they (Company B) ran my payroll for Jan , Feb and March.. Can I transfer my H1 from company A to Company C or should i have go to from Company B to C. Kindly clarify ? Thanks Sam
  11. allaboutsam

    Laid off on 12.10.2013 I was working on H1b visa

    What happ ? Did you got your H1B approved ? Where you asked to go out of the country and come back ? did you transfer from H1 to B1?
  12. allaboutsam


    Dear Lawyers, I am getting LAY-OFF from my current company as on Dec 31st 2014 and I'm on H1-B visa. If another employee file my LCA on 22nd of December consider only 6 working in this month. Would that be an issue of filing my H1-B on January first week ? or Do I still get a buffer period of 30 or 60 days ? Kindly clarify. Your response would be highly appreciated. Thanks