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  1. pragmatic

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Thanks a lot,Attorney_6 and JoeF!! Is there any expectation of what are the AC21 changes going to be? For example : A person who is in IT with designation "X" can change his/her job with designation "Y" but still in IT; will this be considered as "similar job" in new regulations? Per my primitive understanding, as long as you stay in your area (that is in IT in this example) but can change or go for any job , it is going to be OK in the new AC21 regulations, regardless of whether the new job is higher or lower position. Is this correct understanding or we do not even know what it is going to be? Appreciate your insights, thoughts...
  2. pragmatic

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    By when the changes in AC21 changes / relaxation of "similar jobs" rules , is expected to be a law?
  3. pragmatic

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    my PD is DEC 2008. Just got EAD 4 months back, can I expect a decision on i-485 next year July/August 2015?