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  1. h1brenewalhyd

    "Clearance received" annotated visa

    Thanks so much jairichi for the reply. But since I passed the clearance once already and still have the same profile (employer/end client) will I have to go through the clearance process again? Is there any additional supporting documentation I need to take for visa interview?
  2. h1brenewalhyd

    "Clearance received" annotated visa

    Please help anyone? what does clearance received mean? I work for a small desi company and end client is a pharmaceutical company. I dont have a muslim name.
  3. Any idea why "Clearance received" annotated visa is not eligible for IWP drop box method for visa renewal? Does it need extra scrutiny? Please suggest.
  4. Hi, A little background about myself. I am working for a small desi consulting company since 7 years and the same end client which is a pharmaceutical company since 5 years. My first stamping was also on the same company and end client. Now I am planning to go to India for H1b renewal. During my first time H1b stamping I received 221g white slip which got cleared but my visa as annotated as "Clearance Received on XXXX". Any idea what does this mean and probability of me getting admin processing again? Please help with your valuable suggestions. Thanks!