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  1. Hi, USCIS case status still shows as "On May 7, 2019, we received your Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status...",Even though bio-metrics happened on 30th-May. Its been more than 2 months since H4 appeared for bio-metrics and status is not updated. please let me know if something is wrong and do i need to do anything in this regards....please guide.
  2. Should I send a Expert Opinion Letter for Positional Evaluation with H1B extension application, or wait to send it with the RFE?
  3. chmahesh1983

    I94 expiry date Passport Vs Online

    Hi Team, Please help me in providing answer for the current issue which my friend is facing. I'm Trying to explain the complete situation clearly, so please bare with me. He got L1a blanket visa in 2016 and its valid till Sept 2018. When he entered US, he got I-94 till Feb 2019. This date (Feb 2019) appears same in passport and when checked online :https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/ In 2017, he went to India for vacation and when he is coming back, the Immigration officer kept Sept 2018 as I-94 expiry date in passport, However in the online it still shows as Feb 2019. My friend didn't realize the date entered in passport till date, he is referring online website for I-94 status. So, when he filed for extension recently, the employer found out the variations in these dates. i.e I-94 expiry date in passport as Sept 2018, but when checked in online its Feb-2019. Please guide him/me in this situation. The resource is currently staying in US. How to proceed in this situation? Thanks
  4. chmahesh1983

    H1B stamping -possibility from Ireland?

    Hi, So does it mean that i book the appointment ,attend personal interview and in the interview process they will let me know whether im eligible to attend here? or not?
  5. Hi, I'm currently working in Ireland on ICT ( Intra Company Transfer) visa. Last year i have applied for H1B when im in India and my case was approved now. I would like to know whether i can attend US visa interview from Ireland ? 0r do i need to go back to India for stamping? Please let me know. -Thanks MC
  6. Hi, I tried to reopen my old H1B case and got a denial notice, then my employer filed MTR ( Motion to Reopen/Reconsider). could you please let me know how much time does it take for processing? i dont see the status got updated in USCIS site. Please let me know your thoughts -Thanks Mahesh
  7. chmahesh1983

    Possibility of reopening Old H1B case?

    Im planning to get this reopening done by other employer. Not the same employer who filed my original H1B? Is this possible? or the same old employer only has the possibility to reopen?
  8. Hi, I got my H1B in the year of 2006 and was valid upto 2009. But i got an oppourtunity to travel to US in 2008 jan and returned back to India in April 2009 as the H1B validity period ends, and then i got L1B done and travelled back to US. On whole, As of date. i stayed in US for ~4yrs (1.4yrs on H1B + 2.4yrs on L1B). Now, here i would like to seek your thought on reopening the case. is it possible?