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  1. krishchaitu05

    6th year H1 - perm question

    Extension to the question: If she goes to India for H4 visa stamping, can I apply EAD for her while she is in India?
  2. krishchaitu05

    6th year H1 - perm question

    Hi, my wife is in her 6th year extension which ends in Sept 2020. Her perm is applied in Dec 2019 (less than 365 days of last day of H1) and it has received an audit. I am trying to find what her options are. 1. Can perm be approved if it is in audit state before sept? 2. If the perm is approved after the last date of her h1(say november), can she apply for extension at that time? 3. H4 question - what is the best approach to convert to H4? 3a. To apply for H4 here? 3b. To send her to India after her h1 is completed? 4. Can I apply H4 and H4 EAD at the same time? Or should they go one after the other? Thanks!
  3. krishchaitu05

    6th year H1 - perm question

    Hi, My wife has a situation. She had her 6th yr extension documents sent in October 2019. Her 6th year H1 ends on Sept 2020. Her Perm documentation was sent in December 2019. Now she got RFE on H1 and they said they will send the response soon. However, I have few questions regarding this: 1. If her H1 is approved, she would get till Sept of 2020. If her perm is approved, she can apply for 1 yr extension. But can the perm approval come after sept 2020? 2. If perm is approved after Sept 2020, can her company apply for H1 extension after she is out of job? (She will be out of the company after sept 2020).
  4. Hi, I have approved I140 with my current client and I am planning to move to India in a couple of years. With valid I140, if I want to come back to the US, do I need to go over the lottery process to get H1 or with my current I140, can the clients apply for H1 without lottery? Also if I plan to apply H1 with a different employer (not my current one), can I apply it with my approved I140 and come back to the US? Thanks!
  5. Hi, My cousin has his f1 visa stamped to the university of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. He is planning to come to meet us in Philadelphia. Is it ok for him to land in Philadelphia for the first time as port of entry? What are the cons of this?
  6. were you able to get your visa approved?
  7. krishchaitu05

    As your application has been refused under section 221(G)

    There is no update yet. He has submitted the passport, and its been more than 1 week and still the status shows admin processing and he did not get any email about picking up the passport.
  8. Friends, My cousin went to India for stamping and received 221(g) on dec 9th. On dec 21, he received a call to send the scanned documents for further processing. Today he received an email from embassy with below information. "Dear Applicant, This is in regards to your visa application. Please submit your passport at VAC or VFS office at the earliest for further processing of your case. As your application has been refused under 221(g) of the immigration and nationality act (INA) and you are requested to submit your passport, please log in to UStraveldocs, download the 221(g) courier submission letter and submit it along with the 221(g) refusal sheet and a copy of this email at any one of the 5 VAC or 6 VFS offices." What does this mean? does this mean the visa has been refused now? or when went to visa for the first time, he was given a 221(g) and they are referring to that in the second para? does any one had same scenario? Please help, thanks, Krishna
  9. krishchaitu05

    H1 transfer and India travel

    Friends, My wife is having a situation. She is working as a contractor with employer A. She is ready to get a potential Full time offer. We have a long time India plan in November. Are the below statements accurate? - If her H1 transfer is initiated, she cannot come back with the old Visa, she needs to get new stamping as it is employer change. - She cannot travel with her h1 transfer in progress with visa on employer A. - The only option available is to go to india with H1 on employer A, come back and start the process? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, My friend is having a particular situation. She applied H1, and got it approved for October 1st of 2016. Her marriage is set in Nov, but her husband is asking her to come over to US on H4 and then change the status to H1. Is this possible? She is never been to US before, so no stamping on her passport till now, so if she goes for H4 stamping, does her valid H1 is revoked/invalid? Can she re-initiate her H1 once she reaches US? Thank you everyone in advance.
  11. krishchaitu05

    F1-H1 change visa stamping

    @Rahul412, @Pontevecchio, thank you guys for your replies. that CPT is legal. He has applied his H1 with this MS degree. His COS is already updated in the university, so I guess it might not be a problem. Will there be any other issues which I am foreseeing ?
  12. krishchaitu05

    F1-H1 change visa stamping

    Friends, My friend is in a situation where he applied 2 h-1's form FYI 2016, one from his current employer (CPT) and one from another company (friend's) He got his H1 picked from his friend's company. (Hope the H1 is approved) when is the earliest he can go for visa stamp? Does he need to move to his new employer to go for stamping? I heard that one can go to visa stamp with COS but can return only after Sept 21st. Is that correct?
  13. krishchaitu05

    is LCA required for port of entry

    Thankyou guys for replying. Naresh_me - does it come under material change if the title/role changed from old client to new client? I mean, do we need to applu LCA if there is a title/role change?
  14. krishchaitu05

    is LCA required for port of entry

    friends, I am travelling to India this weekend and returning next week in emergency. I have my visa stamped from client A, and I moved to client B in the same location (same zip code, but different client). Would like to know if LCA needs to be applied and does port of entry ask about LCA? Please help as this is emergency. thank you
  15. Friends, I have a situation here. I have a valid H1 visa stamped from canada with client A. I moved to client B in the same location. (LCA not applied yet). I have India travel plan in emergency. Wanted to check if this causes any problem in POE.