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  1. Employer A got RFE and to respond to RFE they want me to sign employment agreement. 1. If I sign the agreement, will I bound to them and will it become mandatory to join them? It is stated in agreement that I will start working for them from 2nd of Jan 2015 or after approval of petition. 2. Will RFE create any problem when employer B will file petition?
  2. Urgent! I am on H1B visa and changing job. I got offer form 2 employer Employer A Filed my H1B but I dont want to join them. Yet H1 is not approved and got RFE and they sent me employment agreement. Employment agreement mention that I will have to join them on 2nd of jan 2015. If I sign the agreement, is it mandatory to join them. I want to join employer B and he is going to file my H1B tomorrow. Plesae help
  3. TestUse

    Decision based on Start date of GC

    Computer engineering in India (4 yrs of course) Both of companies are direct hire. I had negotiation with company B and they agreed that based on my performance they will file my GC 1.5 years after joining them. Now I am in situation, I have accepted offer from company A and company B. Company A's H1B transfer will get approv in next week Company B will file H1B transfer in next 2 days. I decided to go with company B, which is good fit for me. 1. I am little nervous how do I let company A know that I wont be joining them as they have spent money on premium processing, plus my travelling for client visit.
  4. Hi, I have completed around 1 year in USA on H1B. I have a offer from company A and Company B. Company A is IT company located in California and offering 92K, around 600 employees based at India and ready to file GC in next 6 months Company B is Manufacturing, listed in fortune 500 located in Michigun, offering 100K, around 1.5 lac employees but will initiate my GC after 2 years based on performance. Please help me, which one is a better choice if I consider GC start date.