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  1. cali_worker

    H1 Expired - Fly via Paris? Air France not helpful

    Hi Swame, Can you please confirm what the outcome of your situation was? I am trying to book tickets and am in the same situation. Thanks
  2. Hello, Apologies if this is a repost. I am currently working for a tech company in Silicon Valley and my H1B stamp is valid till 10/26/2018. They are looking to file for my extension since I have 2.5 years remaining after that date. I am currently in the final stages of interviewing with another company in San Francisco and should have an offer soon. The problem is that my father has suddenly taken ill and I might need to travel to India for 2-3 weeks. My question is that if I decide to travel to India as soon as I accept the offer from the new company, and they start the filing process for my H1B, will I have any problems coming back while my application is still under process from Company B? Thanks, Varun
  3. cali_worker

    Drop box-221g White slip Mumbai consulate

    Hello, So I am having a similar issue. I arrived in Mumbai on November 28th, Monday. My dropbox eligibility was ending on December 3rd (my previous visa expired on that date last year), I made sure that I submitted my docs before that date. I submitted everything the very next day, November 29th, Tuesday. There was no update in the status for two days. On Thursday, it changed to "Administrative Processing" and on Friday, it changed to "Ready". I got an email on Friday at 4:56pm (very convenient...) saying that I my passport is ready for pickup. Since it was the weekend and since collection is only till 4pm, I had to wait till Monday. On Sunday, I got the same email saying that my passport was ready. I went to the VAC center first thing on Monday and stood in line. Got my passport back and before I could even open it completely, I saw my passport photo stapled to the back and a 221g white slip popped out. It said that I need to appear at the consulate for an interview between 10:30 and 11:00 on any day and that I should not schedule an appointment. I am not sure why they want me to interview. I DO NOT work in the EVC model or even in consulting. I am a full-time employee for an enterprise software company and I work at the headquarters in Silicon Valley. My company has been around for 17 years now and hires about 85 employees in America and 110 worldwide. The company is employee-owned and stocks are distributed with performance reviews every year. This is my second job in the United States and when I had applied for a transfer here, I had an RFE. I had provided everything they needed back then. To top that off, an agent from the USCIS actually showed up in-person at my office to verify my employment. I am really not sure why I am targeted at every stage of this silly H1B visa process even though everything is legitimate. I have gathered all the documents that I could and am going to the Consulate tomorrow. Hope everything goes well. I have nothing to hide
  4. cali_worker

    Travelling Without project

    Not advisable I would say. They might ask you about your project at your port of entry
  5. cali_worker

    Dropbox for H1, change of employer

    My friend who used the dropbox in January, hadf to wait for almost 12 days before he got the passport back
  6. cali_worker

    H1 B Stamping in Mexico tijuana -Urgent

    Firstly, Mexico only allows stamping if you are applying in the same visa class. So, you should only go there if you already have a previous H1-B visa stamp. Secondly. what you have is a mid-client letter. If they ask for an end-client letter, that might not suffice. When I was in a similar situation, I was unable to get an email from my client's HR regarding the no-letter policy but, my manager, whom I had good relations with, just sent me an email saying that the company does not give out letter. Although the VO never asked for even a single document except the I-797A, it was a relief knowing that I had all that I needed
  7. They would still know that your H1-B visa was refused. It is a section on the DS-160 form itself. Can never tell what goes on inside the VO's mind
  8. You will have to leave the country. No way around it. Generally, for a new status, the US government assumes that you are outside this country and are applying for the first time. For people who are already in the US, there is a change of status provision so that they don't have to leave and their status automatically switches. If COS is denied, your status would no longer switch automatically, which means that you need an approved H1-B visa stamp instead of your current F1 stamp. Since you cannot apply for a US visa from within the United States, leaving the country and coming back under a new status is the only option.
  9. cali_worker

    H1b visa transfer with change of status

    Would recommend going back to your home country for stamping. Same thing happened to me and I went back to Mumbai and got the stamp. Process was very easy. The only problem was the sudden trip which required me to take 2 weeks off.
  10. They do change a lot. The other day when I was trying to book, it said that February was the earliest. Then, within 2 hours, the earliest date was October
  11. cali_worker

    H1B Visa stamping

    When I was working in the EVC model, I was in the same situation. I got an email from the client saying that they don't give out letters but, the VO never asked me for anything. Not even the mid-client letter. It is all based on luck. Good luck to you!
  12. If you prefer dropbox, then that is an option that you are eligible for, since she is renewing in the same category. You mentioned that her visa was valid till January 2016 and you are going to India in January 2017. The dropbox option is only available if the previous visa stamp has expired in the last 12 months. And this is the date when you submit your documents at the VFS location (I had the same question and contacted customer care directly), not the date when you submit the DS-160. So, if you are even a day late in submitting your wife's documents, she won't be eligible for dropbox.
  13. cali_worker

    H1B Stamping in Mexico for first time

    I think that some of the consulate offices in Mexico even explicitly state on their websites that they do not allow initial stamping at their location. Not to mention that it is widely accepted that the first stamping is safest in your home country. The process is pretty much seamless now, at least in Mumbai, and I would strongly recommend going there for stamping. I had a huge RFE on my petition and my COS (change of status) was denied. So, I was forced by the USCIS to go back for stamping. They had even sent an electronic copy of my I-797 to the Mumbai location even before they sent me an approval for the petition portion of the application, in essence, strong-arming me into leaving the country to go back home. I was very nervous when I went in for the interview but, it was all of 3 questions and less than 5 minutes to get approved. Confidence is key! Check out this page for an answer to your question: https://mx.usembassy.gov/visas/third-country-nationals-non-mexicans-who-wish-to-apply-for-visas-in-mexico/?_ga=1.209870549.131958676.1473880543 Apologies for being the bearer of bad news :(
  14. cali_worker

    INDIA H1B stamping question

    I don't think it should be a problem. If the VO asks, just explain the situation and you also have proof to show that you contacted the previous employer multiple times. Just have all your documents ready from this employer and, in all likelihood, they won;t even mention the previous H1-B
  15. cali_worker

    Drop-Box Question

    I checked with customer care and they say that the date that is applicable is the date that I submit the documents for drop box. So, I might have to go to India earlier or schedule an interview. Thank you!