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  1. Dear Friends, Please Need your support for the below query: I am currently on L1b and my I94 is expiring on 20 June 2009, I had a old H1B which i have applied for L1 to H1b conversion on Jan 2019, its pending with USCIS, and the waiting period showing in the USCIS webiste in 8 to 11 months. So my question is can i say in US even after my L1b I94 expires on 20 June, if my L to H results doesnt come by 20 june. Does the 240 day rule start from June 20th for L to H conversion also? Thanks
  2. thank you for the response,
  3. binesh

    H1B cooling period

    Thank you Jairichi for the reply, if i leave on June 2015, will i be able to apply for H1B on April 1 2016, and if its picked will it be considered. As my 1 year will not be completed as on April 1 the H1B filing date? is 1 year calculated as of October 1st.
  4. binesh

    H1B cooling period

    Dear all, I am about to complete my 6 years on H1B as on July 2015, if i go to India on july 2015 , will i be eligible to apply for the new H1B in April 2016? even if my 1 year is not completed. or Can i only apply after July 2016(if the still the quota is open) or in 2017 April? is the one year cooling period calculated before the H1b filing date (i.e april 1). your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Binesh
  5. binesh

    H1B completing 6 years

    Thank you so much for the reply JoeF.
  6. binesh

    H1b visa for the dependent

    Thank you all for the reply.. So she can apply for H1b as COS, Wn we leave US, only her COS part of her H1b will be abandoned, if she is in India when her H1b is approved. Will there be any problem for the H1b approved, or will the H1b denied since she is in India.
  7. binesh

    H1B completing 6 years

    Hi all, My H1b visa is getting expired in May, 2015 and completing 5 years and 11 months of stay in USA(5 years in L1b and I year in H1b), my company has not applied for GC. I am planning to go back to India in March 2015 i.e. before the visa expiration date. When am i eligible to apply for new H1B Visa? I heard from my friends that if i go back to India in March, 2015 then i will have the eligibility to apply for new H1B Visa in Mar 2016 ,else if i travel in May or June 2015, i have to wait till Mar 2017 to apply for H1b new, as my 1 year cooling period is not over before april1 2016. Is that True? Please suggest. Does the one year cooling period is counted before the April 1 when H1 filing starts in 2016, or if i go back to india in may or june 2015 can i apply H1B in April under new cap in 2016. Do i need to go to india before april 1 2015 so that i can apply H1b in 2016 April. Please do the neeful ASAP. Is 1 year cooling period calculated before april 1 or is it calculated from october 1st, when we start working? Thanks binesh.
  8. binesh

    H1b visa for the dependent

    Hi all, Currently my wife is on H4 visa in USA, with the expiry of May 4 2015. My spouse is planning to apply for H1b in April 1st 2015. My question is: - Since the H4 visa is getting expiry on May 4 2015, we are planning to go to india in april, will this cause a problem for H1b approval. - Is it okay to apply for H1B , and leave the country and return back in October, if the visa is approved. Please give your suggestions, whether its okay to apply H1b from USA and then leave the country. As me(H1b) and my wife (H4) is expiring on May 4 2015. Thanks Binesh