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  1. ankur79

    Illegible remittance

    Is there anyway to get that clarified? Or what do you suggest as the next step?
  2. ankur79

    Illegible remittance

    My petition was selected towards the current year cap but it was rejected due to remittance submitted being illegible. Is this normal reason for rejection as the remittance submitted by lawyer was using a computer generated check.
  3. ankur79


    I am going to apply for L2 visa for my 1 year old child. Is there any hard requirement for the format or language of the child's immunization record?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know when DV 2017 application process start? I have looked around on the internet but have not found anything on this topic. Thanks.
  5. On my L1A visa stamp, the PED has been mentioned as December 2014 but the validity of visa is till June 2018. And currently I am outside US on a one year cooling off period after completing 7 years. After one year do I need to get new visa stamp or just a new petition?
  6. ankur79

    L2 EAD

    Ok. This is a related question. What is the actual status of the person with valid L1A, L2 but that person have to exit due to max out? Visas do not become invalid on exit.
  7. ankur79

    L2 EAD

    Can she continue to work out of India on that EAD?
  8. ankur79

    L2 EAD

    My wife has got her EAD approved till Dec 2016 and has valid L2 till 2018 and I94 till 2017. However my L1A maxout date will be in Jan 2015. Does she still need to exit or can she stay and continue to work.
  9. ankur79

    L2 max out dates

    That applies to blanket petition as well?
  10. ankur79

    L2 max out dates

    Ok. Another question I had was that new petition can only be filed on completion of one year period? Or process can start before that.
  11. ankur79

    L2 max out dates

    My wife is on L2 which is valid till 2018 and also has I94 valid till 2017 but since my max out dates are going to get completed soon, will she also have to exit the country because her L2 is dependent on my L1A?
  12. My current L1A visa is valid till 2018 but have to exit country due to 7 year max out period. My question is will I still have to apply for new L1A visa to reenter after 1 year or can use the same visa with new petition.