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  1. shaq

    DS-160 Phd studies

    Hi Sir, I have my visa stamping scheduled but I have a question on the schools attended. Before I got my H1B approved I took admission into a University for Phd (it was just to cover my gap till I receive my H1B I797 approved). Does stating Phd in DS-160 effect my H1B stamping? Do I need to put Phd info or not. I believe this will raise more questions and make the interview more complicated. Please state what should be done. Regards Syed
  2. shaq

    221G in Jamaica

    This was my F1-H1B transfer. I believe for the first F1-H1 transfer it is recommended to do in your home country. Also it doesn't matter whether you are direct or through contract as long as you can convince them you had a good background. If you had switch schools during your Masters, they are interpreting it as a violation and want to do Admin processing. Best of luck guys....but I recommend going back to your home country rather than getting struck in a foreign land and also taking all the stress and pain to go back to your country if they put you under 221g. Regards Syed Haq
  3. shaq

    221G in Jamaica

    What is the withdrawal process? If I just email them will I get a confirmation? How can I know that the withdrawal has occurred? Appreciate your feedback! Syed
  4. shaq

    221G in Jamaica

    Hi Friends, I had my interview today and was given a 221G pink form. The VO asked me to go back to India and get the Visa stamping done. Do I need to cancel the current H1B application in Jamaica? Also he said that it might take months to complete the administrative process. Please advise I am worried. Regards Syed