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  1. Was recently promoted within my company to a higher position and our legal team decided to convert my existing EB3 to EB2. My priority date is 2014. However I have an offer from some other company which said it convert but I would need to wait for 6 months before they can start conversion from EB3 to EB2(they might also not do it though unlikely). I am now thinking if I should just stay with current company and do this conversion. 1) Is it more risky to have my current company do the conversion instead of the new company ? How much risky this is really since I was promoted recently which motivated this change. 2) I will loose 6 months once I join the new company. How much does this matter in my case ?
  2. I recently got approved for H1B which was directly applied by my employer. I work directly for them as a Quality Assurance Engineer. My current salary is about 50k. From various sources online I gather that the minimum salary for H1B is 65k. However my employer has not indicated to me that he is going to upgrade my existing salary. Is 65k really the minimum ? Can someone please clarify regarding this.
  3. Hello All, My I-140 got approved in September 2015. My H1B is going to end in September 2017. At that date it will be completion of 6 years for me on H1B. My current employer has decided to file for me in EB3 category. I am planning on changing my company because I would like to apply in EB2. I am not sure if my current employer will revoke my I-140 if I switch companies. When would be the earliest time to switch without letting go my I-140 status ? is it possible at all ? Thanks in advance.
  4. How long will it take to get the new I-140 approved from the new employer ? Will he have to start with the entire process again ? Can he use the already approved PERM ? My I-140 took about 3 weeks to get approved after I got PERM (premium processing). Can the new employer just file for new I-140 based on the previous PERM approval ?
  5. vikasap

    Travel to Puerto Rico

    Hi, My spouse and myself are planning a vacation to Puerto Rico. We currently reside in US and these are our visa statuses. Please advise if we can safely travel to Puerto Rico. 1) I am on H1B visa, which has expired on 31st September 2014. However, I already have an approved I797 extending my H1B stay. 2) My spouse is on H4 visa which also ended on 31st September 2014. However, her H4 extension is not yet approved and is in pending status. Please advise as soon as possible. Thanks.