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  1. Pranesh01

    L1 L2 Extension with EAD

    Case 1 : It's not advisable to travel outside US while the extension petition for l1 and l2 is in progress. Case 2 : I have applied for L1 and L2 Extension in Aug 2017 in PP and it was approved by end of Aug 2017. Applied for EAD in Sep 2017 and my spouse went on a vacation from 2nd Nov to 26th Dec 2017 while EAD application was in progress. It didn't affect the EAD process for my spouse. L2 EAD was approved on 28th Nov 2017.
  2. Pranesh01

    L1A Cycle Reset

    If a beneficiary with a valid L1A Individual stamped visa until Dec 2020(L1A MAX Out) travels outside of US in Sep 2019.1. Can he come back to US with the same stamped L1A Visa in Oct 2020 (After 13 months from Sep 2019 )? 2. If so, does the period outside of US considered as cooling period ?3. Can the same L1A Individual petition be extended for 7 years from Oct 2020 ?
  3. Pranesh01

    H1B RFE after MTR was approved

    Hi, I am currently working for employer A on an EAD and received an RFE for a H1B applied by employer B in 2014. ( RFE after MTR was approved) If the employer B replies to the RFE and H1B is approved. Do i have to join employer B as soon as H1B is approved? If I would like to continue with employer A, Can i request employer A to apply Change of Status ? ( Once H1B is approved) Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, My H1B to L1 Petition has been filed last month and it is being processed at the USCIS now. It's an Individual petition and couldn't include dependents as they are in India) While the i94 Conversion petition is in process, Can my spouse travel to US in H4 and apply for conversion to L2 as soon as reaching here? Thanks ! - Pranesh
  5. Hi, My H1B to L1A petition has been filed last month and its being processed by the USCIS. Currently my spouse is in India, If she travels to US in H4 before my COS is approved, Can I file a COS for my Spouse once she is here? Please advise. Thanks !
  6. Hi, Per my knowledge,The case has been transferred to another office and it doesn't mean that case has been reopened.
  7. Old Receipt status will not get updated until the MTR is approved, Your attorney would have received the new receipt number.All you got to do is monitor the MTR status with the new number.