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  1. robby_254

    H4 I797A for dropbox

    Hello Madam/Sir I am on H1 and my wife is on H4 visa. Our visas are valid till July 2018 and both of us have it on our passport. My employer applied for my extension and I received the approval notice. Now I have an I797 that is valid until 2021. We are going to India in march and as I qualify for the visa waiver program, I am planning to use the dropbox and get the visa stamped on our passports. One thing I see in the "required documents" list for H4 is the "H4 I-797A copy" for the H4 dependent. I am confused if I have to apply and get a separate I797 for my wife. Should I apply for I539 to get my wife's visa extended while I am in the US before going to India? I am leaving to India in 2 weeks and I don't think I can get the I539 approved. Please help.
  2. Hi I am on H1B and I recently got my I140 approved. I am planning to apply EAD for my wife who is on H4. I applied for her I539 when I was with a different employer and got it approved till April 2017. With the current employer ( the one who filed my I140 and got it approved), I did not file her I539. One of the proofs that is asked for I765 is the I539. Should I first apply for I539 because I have not done it after I got my I797 with my current employer? OR I can send the I539 that I filed earlier given that it is still valid. Kindly let me know. Your help and information are greatly appreciated. Thanks Robby
  3. robby_254

    H1 amendment requirement

    I just read through this information from murthy com http://www.murthy.com/2015/04/17/h1b-amendment-required-for-most-worksite-changes/ I have a question - The article says the H1 amendment is mandatory when there is a "material change" and it also states that a material change is when you move to a different location which requires a new LCA. I think the minimum distance between the old and new location that DOES NOT mandate an H1 amendment used to be 50 miles. I am not sure if that is still the case. In my case, I moved only 20 miles but to a different client. There is no mention of "working for a different client" in this article. Should my employer file an amendment? Or in other words, does USCIS mandate an amendment if someone moves to a different client but within a few miles ( which means no new LCA)?
  4. Thanks for all the responses guys. It is really helpful. I am planning to stop only at Frankfurt and no intention to stay there for more than a couple of hours only for transit purpose. I will call the airlines anyway to make sure everything is okay.
  5. Hi I came to US early 2014 and I had my Visa stamped on my passport which was valid until December 2014. I changed my employer after coming to the US and got my H1 extended till April 2017 but I haven't gone back to India after that so the stamped visa on my passport still says it is valid till December 2014. Now I am planning to go to India and I would like to know if I can go via Germany or Canada. I browsed through the internet for this information but nothing was clear. Some mention on what to do when you travel with the "expired" visa but I am not sure if I fall in that category because technically I am legally allowed to stay in the US because I got my H1 extension done till 2017. Following link has some information but it was not clear either. I did not understand the "Required" or "Not Required" under the column "Expired USA Visa". What does it even mean? First of all, should I consider my visa "expired" because the one stamped on my passport is expired OR should I consider a "valid" visa because I have my H1b extended and I have the approved I797? http://www.*************.com/**************.html Kindly help me. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi Guys Did any of you receive any update from USCIS? I am in the same situation. It has been more than 2 months and I haven't heard anything from USCIS. I applied my H1 transfer in premium. Does anyone know if this is happening due to any problems/audits with the employer? Because I am not sure how a personal background check would take more than 2 months. Should I find a different company to file my H1 transfer while this is in progress. Kindly help Regards Robby
  7. Hi, A consultancy is ready to file my wife's H1B (currently on H4) this year and we are expecting the results by mid 2015. In case if she gets through the lot, she should be allowed to work from October 2015 on her new H1. She is also pregnant right now and we are expecting our baby by August 2015. We are not sure whether she will be able to work right away in Oct 2015 especially with the chances of the location of new job will not be where we are right now. I am not sure what happens in case if she is not able to go to work right away. 1. Is there a way she can convert from H1 to H4 and stay on H4 for a few months before starting to work? 2. Can the consultancy that is filing her H1 do anything that will keep her H1 valid so that she does not have to go through the lottery at a later time? Kindly help! [[Thanks to Murthy Law firm Forum members for sharing all the useful information ]] Regards Robby
  8. robby_254

    Client/Vendor letter for Stamping

    Hi I am in the same situation with the client letter. My client does not provide one and I have the letter from my vendor. Can you kindly let me know if you got your visa? Did the client letter come up in the stamping interview? Please do share your experience Regards Robby
  9. Hi I am in the same situation with the client letter ? If you come across some informaiton, please do share. Thank you! Regards Robby