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  1. chait_24

    H4 ead application question 11

    I lost my OPT extension card I have front pic of the opt extension card. Is there a way for me to get it know. What happens to my H4 ead application if I didnt submit the back pic of the opt extension card.
  2. chait_24

    H4 ead application question 11

    Thank you very much for the response. Can I know the required documents. I mean do I need to submit my OPT card front and back r just front pic is fine. Do I need to submit my OPT extension card details also.
  3. I saw im immigration voice facebook page that H4 EAD will be cancelled and EAD will be active only for 6 - 12 months is it real news. Please advice as I was waiting for my Husband 140 to get approved.
  4. Hello All, My mom visited last may for my sister delivery and stay in US for 6 months and she is back again this may to take care of my sister baby after she completed her 6 months in India. She already booked her return ticket for Nov 14th, but I am due this August 27th. I want to apply for her visa extension. When she is at the immigration this may she is been asked by the immigration officer " you already visited just 6 months back why u came immediately". My concern now is if I apply for extension and we do get a approval r rejection will that effect my mom visa in any way. And I have one more question about the documents. In the required documents its say we need to send a return ticket also. Do I need to send the Nov 14th ticket that is already booked or do we need to book a new ticket for lets say if I am requesting for a 4 months extension. I have to book a new ticket for Feb 16th 2018 and send it. The question may look silly but one my friend said we have to send the new ticket which will show that how long ur planning to keep her thats how I didnt to my in-law that what I heard from him. Can you guys please advice me on this. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. chait_24

    h1b filing

    hello experts , i am have got a job through non profit organization and they have applied for h1b . also my h1b for this year was filed through another employer (profit organization ) . in this case is there any impact on my h1b result outcome because of multiple employers. please advise. many thanks.
  6. chait_24

    Visa Stamping

    thank u
  7. chait_24

    Visa Stamping

    thank you for the reply . also when i got the visa last time i was put on 221g for a week and i was issued visa with an annotation as below. CLEARANCE RECEIVED FOLLOWED BY DATE . Considering the annotation printed ..is this going to be a problem when i attend the visa interview during December. Any one with similar experience. thanks a lot chait.
  8. chait_24

    Visa Stamping

    hello all , i had my visa stamping in vancouver last time and is expiring this april and was with old employer. later i converted to FTE and my I 797 is approved till august 2017 . my question is if it is okay to attend visa interview in India during December provided there is 8 more months to my current I797 validity?My current employer will file for renewal next year(during feb 2017). please share your thoughts. thanks chait.