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  1. Hi All, I would like to share my 221g Experience. First of all I want to thank God for his grace and i went through this ordeal for 106 days. Biomentrics Done on : 05- Aug2014 Visa Interview on : 06-Aug-2014 During the Visa Interview the Visa Officer asked only 2 Questions and my Visa Officer is an Indian Quetion 1: Who is your Client - and i answered properly Then he went inside and came discussing with a US Officier after 5 minutes Question 2: Dou you have any other passport ? and I said No And then typed something and Handed out a Blue sheet 221 g sheet and Informed me that my case needs additional Administrative Processing And he didnt request any documents and returned my Passport I literally broke down and my expectations become gloomy. Then i came back home and searched in the Internet and in their site they said most 221g cases were resoleved in 60 days, so i consoled myself that my case will be resolved in 60 days But after 60 days nothing happened. I prayed to God and the word that came to me is Luke 18:1-8 , about the persistent Widow And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 8 I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. In the Mean while I attended interview for another product based company and got selected. I didnt know whenther to leave my current company and U.S Visa or join the new company Again I prayed to God for his Will and guidance and I decided to stay in the company for U.S Visa After 70 days i used to contact the Chennai US Visa service resularly and ask for any status change , but they used to say the same response that your application is under Administrative processing. Also i searched the Internet and found the U.S Visa service number in U.S 2024857600, I used to call them and ask for the details To contact them dial 00012024857600 and then press 1 and then 0 , you will be directed to that. They used to give some addition Information like. You case is moving forwaed /Your case will not take much longer to resolve which was consoling. In the mean time I was praying that i must submit my passport by Mid of November and on November 10th i called the U.S Visa service number 2024857600 and they said we have requested your passport and as i prayed i got the answer for my prayed and i submitted my Passport on 13-Nov-2014 and the status updated on 17-Nov-14 and it was in Administrative processing and on tody 18-Nov-14 the status changed to Issued. and within two days i will collect my passport. All Praise and Glory to God and Lord Jesus I know that its frustating and painful ,but pray and things will change. More over i have read all the forums about 221g and found guessed that my case may be due to Visa donkey