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  1. I am in Inida now. Had to travel for a family emergency. So my L2 visa is expired and I cannot travel back to US unless I get my visa extended. but as mentioned above, my Spouse's visa is also expired and we do not want to file for his extension as there is a risk of it getting rejected.
  2. Thank you for the reply. just to make sure I understood correctly. even though my spouse's visa is expired, I can still apply for my visa extension based on my spouse's I797 and i94? Would it be my spouse's company that has to file for my extension?
  3. Hi All below is the status of our visa, petition and i94 Spouse =========== Visa: L1A Visa Expiry: April 2015 Petition: L1A Blanket i94: April 2017 My Details ============ Visa: L2 Expiry: April 2015 Petition: Dec 2017 My Spouse and I have not filed for extension since i94 is valid. I need to travel India for an emergency but since visa has expired, I could not be able to return US. My Question - can we file visa/petition extension for me, ie for L2 visa holder, without applying extension for my spouse ie L1A visa holder/ Thanks
  4. ashek

    L2 EAD Renewal document requirement

    Thanks for the reply... I think that the only way out now...
  5. ashek

    L2 EAD Renewal document requirement

    Thanks for the reply. but thats the problem, my spouse's employer would not agree to file for his L1 and my L2 extension now. They have agreed to file in Jan 2015. so would my EAD get renewed just on the basis of L2/L1 extension receipt coz for extension to be approved, it might take upto 240 days...
  6. ashek

    L2 EAD Renewal document requirement

    Hi I am on L2 and have EAD that would be due for renewal soon. following is my status Spouse's L1A Visa expiry - April 09, 2015 I94 expiry - April 09, 2015 My L2 Visa Expiry - April 09, 2015 My I94 expiry - April 09, 2015 My EAD expiry - April 09, 2015 Everything expires on same day, ie April 09, 2015. I read on USCIS site that I need to apply for renewal 90 days before expiry, ie 09 Jan 2015. My Supouse's company would file for his L1A and my L2 extension in Jan so we are expecting the receipt for same by Feb 2015. What I would like to know (which I did not find in forums easily) is about the documents that would be required for my EAD renewal... Would they renew the EAD on the basis of the L1 extension receipt or would they specifically need an approved petition (which we would get after 240 days of filing the extension as in most cases) if not, then is there any other possibility to get the EAD renewal done... Thanks in advance