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  1. agarwal.lalit91

    DS-160 error, 221g

    When I applied for B1/B2 earlier, I received a 221g yellow slip. My visa was issued after a month. I applied to renew my B1/B2 visa and for the question "Have you ever been refused a US Visa", I answered 'NO'. I have already paid the MRV fees and scheduled an appointment. Should I cancel the appointment and submit a new DS-160?
  2. I am Indian citizen. I got an admission in a US university last year and I got a student F1 visa for the same. However, due to personal reasons I couldn't join the university and I stayed back in India. I applied again for studies next year and am am now studying in a university in Canada. I would like to know if this might cause an issue in my future applications for B1/B2 visa or H1B visa. Will I be questioned for this at the Port of entry for the same? Also would be great if someone who is in a similar situation can share his experience.
  3. agarwal.lalit91

    Get passport back from Toronto Consulate

    I appeared for a visa interview on 13th November, 2014 at the Toronto Consulate. I was handed a 221g yellow slip and my passport was kept by the VO after the interview. I need the passport back now for some urgent work. Can I go and collect the passport directly from the embassy? What time should I go to the embassy for this? What documents should I bring to collect the passport? Somebody please help me as this is very urgent and I cant find much information about this on the web.
  4. agarwal.lalit91

    Any 221g Cases Toronto in 2014

    I had my visitor visa interview on 13th November, 2014. I was handed a 221g yellow slip and was told that it would take 2-3 weeks to process the visa. The VO kept my passport. The 221g doesnt mention anywhere that sometimes they keep the passports. It only mentions to submit the passport when a decision is made. I am worried about this since they have my passport and I dont have any proof for that. Also in case it takes longer, I want to get my passport back. What is the process for the same? What documents are needed in case I want to personally go and pick my passport from the embassy?
  5. agarwal.lalit91

    221g- visitor visa

    Hi, I recently applied for a visitor visa at the Toronto Consulate. I had my interview on 13th November. The interviewer asked me a few questions regarding my current status. I am a masters student in computer science. She then asked me my CV and asked a few questions regarding my past job profile. Then she handed me a 221g yellow slip and asked me to submit my CV by email to them. From what I read, getting a yellow slip is not very common while applying for a visitor visa. What could be the reason in my case? How much time does it generally take for the visa to be issued. Also they have my passport with them. I hope that wouldnt be an issue and they would return it in case I want it in the middle and it is taking a lot of time for the visa to be issued. Also I submitted my CV to trtniv@state.gov. I would like to know if they send you a confirmation email that they have received the documents. I havent got any confirmation email yet.