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  1. Hi, I have my I140 approved in December 2014 with my current employer. But, I got a full time offer from my Client. I have already used 6 years of my H1B. Can I do a H1B transfer to this new Client even if my current employer withdraws my I140. Also, my spouse is on H4 EAD, Can she continue on H4EAD if my current employer withdraws my I140 ? How safe is it to change my employer at this point? Thanks, Krishna
  2. How to prevent the change of status from happening?
  3. Hi, If a person under H4 files H1B petition in this April 2019 and if it is approved, will he be automatically converted to H1B by October 2019? Or He needs to separately file change of status from H4 to H1B? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I am working for CLient A under my employer. My current H1B is until 12/1/2019. I need to move to a different Client B which falls under different MSA. Can I file for Amendment plus extension at this point ? If not when I can file for my extension?
  5. skmandava

    change of employer after i140 approved

    Hi Let's say I140 is approved from Employer A and 180 days passed. As per new rule, the I140 can only be withdrawn by employer, it cannot be revoked. The question is can I use these I140 (withdrawn by employer A but not revoked) for filing unlimited H1b extensions/transfers/amendments with different employers till my priority date is current. Note that none of the employers ever starts a GC. They just keep using my original 140 (withdrawn by employer A but not revoked) for unlimited extension Could someone pls throw some light. Many people of the opinion that it should not be possible as that will be a big loophole as how can someone keep extending H1b beyond 6 years without any employer willing to sponsor his GC
  6. skmandava

    When can I file my I 485?

    I filed my Green Card under EB2 India
  7. Hi, I started my Green process in 2014 with my priority date being Dec 16 2014. My I 140 is approved in 2015. Can anyone tell me when can I start filing my I 485 . As per the information I have I need to wait 50 more years! Is this true? or am I wrong?
  8. Hi, I recently joined a new Client. My new LCA is approved. I have applied for H1B amendment under general processing. The client told they will move me to another building which is located on the opposite side of my current building (just 350 sqft away) in another 1 week . Do I need to report this change to USCIS. If so, do I need to file another amendment? I am planning to port my current H1B amendment to premium processing. Can I report this change during the porting process? Please help me . Thanks in advance
  9. skmandava

    When can I join my new CLient?

    Hi, I was working for Client A. Recently My project is completed and I need to join another CLient B which falls under different MSA on Jun 26th 2018. My new LCA has been filed. I am still waiting for my H1B amendment plus extension to be filed. As there are only 5 more business days left for me to join the project, do, i have enough time left for me to file the amendment plus extension and get the receipt notice for the amendment. I am applying my spouses H4 extension also at the same time. How long does USCIS take to generate a receipt number for my H1b amendment plus extension? Should I wait until I get a receipt notice to join the new CLient? If so, when should I ideally join my new Client? What joining date should I tell them?
  10. skmandava

    Project ended while H1B amendment RFE in progress

    As per my knowledge your employer can withdraw the amendment petition. You can contact an attorney if you are still skeptical
  11. Hi, My current H1B is until Jan 10 2019. I need to join a new Client which requires me to file H1B amendment. I will be working in EVC model and the vendor says this will be a longterm project. But the client issues 6 month 6 month contracts (i.e in increments of 6 months). If incase this amendment is not approved , Is my old h1B still valid? If incase my amendment is approved , will it be approved beyond Jan 10 2019 ? as the vendor is mentioning that this is a long term contract in his letter.
  12. skmandava

    H1B extension with 6 months Contract

    I have another offer where the project is long term , But there are two layers in between . Below is the structure . Is this a good choice in that case? Me -> My employer-> preferred vendor ->Implementation partner->Client
  13. Hi, I got an offer with a Client where there is only one layer in between. It is a 6 months contract with possibility of extension . They wont mention about the contract duration on their Client letter it seems as they know USCIS wont approve my extension if they mention that project is just six months. Is this a good choice to go with for my H1B extension? I am planning to apply for 3 years extension Below is the structure Me -> Employer -> Vendor -> Client
  14. Oh Ok Thank you. I got another offer with a Client where there is only layer in between. It is a 6 months contract with possibility of extension . They wont mention about this on their Client letter it seems. Is this a good choice?
  15. Hi, I have an offer with a client and I need to file my H1B extension. I would like to take this offer but there are multiple layers between me and the client . below is the structure Me -> My employer-> preferred vendor ->Implementation partner->Client In my case I will get letter from my preferred vendor and Implementation partner. I will also get the contract agreement from the client. But I am not sure if the client provides a client letter. Are these good enough to get the approval for my H1B extension? DO I need anything else? Thank you in advance