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  1. thanks for the reply pokiri09....whom did they contacted at your employer side your Manager or HR or person of contact you mentioned in your DS-160 Form...???
  2. No updates for me guys. I did not received any emails nor my employer was contacted for some verification.
  3. I had H1b Visa interview on 11/06 and the VO issued 221g Blue slip with administrative processing option ticked and did not asked for any documents to submit. Returned my passport and other documents also. VO: Employer Name? ABC company VO: Who is your client? My Employer (Since I am a Full Time Employee) VO: Are you working on Internal Project? Yes. VO: Project Name? Xyz VO: Can you show Project Description? Before I answer he asked next question VO: Can you show me your I-129? Gave him my Petition with I-129. He just gave a glance and was very reluctant. Then he issued a 221g Blue slip. I work as a Full time employee for my company. Can you Please let me know what will be the next step?
  4. waiting_221g

    221g Blue Slip Chennai

    I attended visa interview on 11/06. The VO asked following questions: VO: Who is your employer? ME: I answered ABC company VO: Who is your client? ME: My employer (Since I am working as full time Employee) VO: Are you working in internal project? Project Name? ME: Yes, xyz project VO: Can I see your Project description? ME: Before I could reply he asked next question. VO: Can I see your I-129 ME: I gave him my whole package. He just turned it around reluctantly And he issued 221g blue slip with Administrative processing required option checked. He did not asked for any other documents. Till now no updates at all. Can you please help when I can expect an update? Why 221g is issued for me and no documents are asked?