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  1. Her last I 94 expired on 03/29/2019.
  2. Hi, I filed for both H1 approval for myself and H4 approval for my spouse and kid (7 years old). I received H1 approval notice for myself and H4 approval notice for my spouse, but I never received H4 approval for my daughter. When I checked with my employer, she told me that a child don't necessarily need approval notice as she can get stamping on the basis of my approved H1. Since then I haven't visited outside US. Now I have to file an H1 extension. Please let me know if I can apply for H1 extension for myself and H4 approvals for my spouse and daughter? Thank you
  3. Hi, I have an approved I-140 from employer A. After 2 years of I-140 approval I moved to employer B and got 2 years extension. My question is if I moved to employer C, will I still be able to transfer and get extensions on the basis of approved I-140 (from employer A). Also, if my employer A cancels my I-140 approval, will I still be able to transfer and get extensions without applying fresh labor and I-140 ? Thank you
  4. Hi, I already got my H1B extension approval, however, my wife's H4 approval is pending since June 2017. Can she visit another country with me and come back with the visa stamping by showing my approved I-797 ? Thank you !
  5. Thank you very much pontevecchio and Attorney_22 !! Much appreciated !
  6. Hi, I just want to confirm that after USCIS new regulations effective 17 January 2017, even though the approved I-140 is withdrawn by previous employer after 180 days of approval we should still be eligible for H1 extensions with new employer ? My question actual question here is that, is it required that new employer need to file labor and I-140 in order to apply extensions or I can just keep on applying for H1B extensions with any employer based on my first I-140 approval? Thank you !
  7. Hi, I have a question please, If I am to leave my employer A and join employer B when my H1B date is about to expire, will I be able to get an extension on the basis of approved I-140 with employer A ? Thank you !
  8. Thank you so much JoeF ! One last question, if my wife's H1 gets approved when she is in India and she comes back on H4, can her employer use the same approved petition to get her on H1B job ? or she will have to go outside the country and get a visa stamped first ?
  9. Thanks for the reply !! and yes you are right that I didn't apply, her employer applied for her H1. So, does that mean if she will be in India for next two months, her H1 won't get approved till then ? I mean she won't even get approved petition ? Will her H1 gets rejected if she will stay in India ? Thank you !
  10. Hi, I am on H1B and I applied for my wife's H1B this year (2016). She got an RFE and her employer will respond to RFE in January 2017. My wife had to visit her parents in India. My concern is that if my wife will return in February 2017 and by that time if her H1B got approved, then can she come back on H4 without her H1B getting cancelled or any problem to it ? Thank you
  11. aaycee

    EB2 to EB1 with previous L1A

    Yeah I checked now. It seems only my previous employer (Company A) would've been able to apply for EB1 as I was manager both in India and US when I was working for that company, right ? Thank you !
  12. Hello, I was on L1A visa in US for 4 years for company A. Then I got my H1B from company B and joined company B. Company B filed my GC in EB2. My I-140 is approved. Can I get my status change from EB2 to EB1 by proving my previous L1A status ? Kindly guide me. Thank you !
  13. aaycee

    Effect of my Wife's EAD on her H1B

    Thank you for your guidance !! Much appreciated !