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  1. kk12345

    Multiple H1B petitions picked

    for me also 2 employers applied for their different clients. both got approved. But i choose only one and i started working with that employer from Oct 1.
  2. kk12345

    Multiple H1B petitions picked

    No problem. Event though both get approved but You will make active only one from Oct 1.
  3. Did your visa got stamped ? please let me know your experience after submission of fingerprints
  4. Did you get any approval ? your visa stamped ?
  5. Did you get your visa stamped ? please let me know how it went after fingerprint submission?
  6. When did you get your visa stamped ?
  7. kk12345

    h4 and h4 ead pending approval

    Hi, I have applied H4 extension and H4 EAD together on May 22, 2017. My Spouse H1B extension was filed separately and it approved on February 2017 before H4 extension apply date. I did raised a service request for H4 ead as it is crossed 90 days limit. I got below reply fro USCIS The processing of your Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765) is within our current processing time. Your I-765 is pending the decision of your Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status (Form I-539) . By looking at the H4 extension processing timelines at vermont, it may take more time to get h4 extension approvals. 1. Is it ok to leave the country and come back with H4 stamping with new I-94 ? in that case what will happen to H4 ead and H4 extension ? 2. How do i send updated I-94 copy to USCIS? 3. does this process help me in getting EAD fast ? Please let me know.
  8. my employer B petition expires on may 2017.
  9. Hi, I have visa stamping ony passport till december 31, 2015 of my old employer A. I have changed my employer to B on april 2015. Now i am planning to visit india on vaction and planning to back to USA on december 17. Do i need to go for a visa stamping as my employer changed?
  10. kk12345

    H4 stamping after F1 COS is approved

    I have received my F1 approval document. On I-94, end date shows as D/S.. Please let me know what is this ?
  11. kk12345

    H4 stamping after F1 COS is approved

    Thank you All. I have one more question, I am travelling back to india on Nov 25.. Is it a problem staying till that time without enrolling the college? Do i need to prepone my travel plans. I haven't received the approval documents yet. Should be receiving by end of this week.
  12. Hi I was on L2 dependent visa, my spouse was on L1 and he recently moved to H1 visa from OCt 1 ,2014. I have applied COS from L2 to F1 on Aug 6. COS is approved for F1 on 11/06/2014. Now i do not want to enroll college on F1,instead we are planning to go india this November month and go for H4 stamping in india. Then i can come to usa on H4. Any issues not enrolling the admission even after COS F1 approved ? Is there any issues if i go for H4 stamping in india? If consular asks why do want to go for H4 even though you have approved F1 visa ? Please suggest.