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  1. Hello My I-140 was approved last month but got a alert notification that my status changed to "Case was sent to Department of State for visa processing". My attorney says this maybe issued in error and they will file my AOS once PD is current. I wanted to check if this has happened to anyone and what can be done to correct it ?
  2. Thank you all. I think i did not phrase the question well - in case employer does not withdraw the petition and provides the I-797 approval copy. Can we transfer the H1 to another employer after Oct'2016 ?
  3. mp511

    H4 EAD on I-140

    Thank you for your responses. Another question I have is - if I have my PERM in progress (filed during my 6th year) can my wife still apply for H4 EAD based on AC21 rule? If yes, how soon can we apply for that?
  4. Hi In case he/she gets laid off before the 2016 H1 petition is approved, is it legally possible to have H1 transfer before Oct'2016 to a different employer assuming previous employer does not withdraw the H1 application? Any pointers will be helpful. Thanks in advance
  5. mp511

    H4 EAD on I-140

    Hi I am on my sixth year and my PERM Labor is under processing from Apr'2016. I am hoping to get the PERM by Oct/Nov2016 and then go with Premium processing of I-140 My question is - Once I get my I-140 approved (possibly by Nov/Dec), can my wife apply for H4 EAD based on my I-140? Is there any limitation on Labor/I-140 approved date or any caveat? Please advise
  6. mp511

    Urgent! H1b to L2 Visa

    In addition , 5. Once I get my L2 and EAD, will I have trouble in re-entry to US ? Can I work after re-entry?
  7. mp511

    Urgent! H1b to L2 Visa

    Thanks for the reply. 1. Can I apply for L2 and EAD together? If yes, how long does it generally take to get the EAD? 2. Is it the same supporting documents for I-539 or is there any anything extra we need to provide for EAD application? 3. When I file together, do I get EAD directly or do we get L2 status first and then wait for EAD ? 4. During the processing, can I withdraw the CoS application anytime?
  8. mp511

    Urgent! H1b to L2 Visa

    Hi i have a similar situation - currently on H1b and planning for CoS to L2. a) how should I proceed to initiate my L2? Is this something an Attorney can take care or is it my wife's company who has to sponsor my L2? b) As it takes 3 months for H1 to L2 change - Can I continue to work on H1b even if i have applied for CoS to L2? c) Once I get my L2 approved (EAD) - does H1 status automatically becomes void and I have to inform my employer? Thanks in advance!