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  1. @guddi I asked the local CBP Office and they are telling me the same. They are saying i have to leave North America to get it fixed. Well in my case it was passport expiration which triggered this, now i have the passport renewed I am waiting for the response from my employer. If you all know anything else, please keep us updated here thanks
  2. Me and my wife are in the same case. Visas are stamped till 04/2019 in old passports, and when we entered the country I 94 stamped till passport validity i.e October 2018. We got our new passports now should we be checking with CBP at local International Airport? Would that help thanks
  3. h1b_seeker69

    In Laws visiting to USA on Visitor visa!

    No , Since visitors can stay only for 6 months, we didn't want to be at threshold. So booked for only 5 months.
  4. h1b_seeker69

    I-94 validity with passport validity

    Well, this is the same case i will be in as well. I have my valid i 797 and stamping till April 2019 and due to my entry into usa during last year the I 94 validity date was given till passport validity date i.e October 2018. Is there process where you can request or apply for validity extension on my new passport? Or do i have to exit the country and come back again, which obviously isn't working in your case.
  5. Hi Everyone, Last year i got my visa stamped and it's valid till 04/2019 , but my passport is expiring in October 2018 and due to which when i entered into the country I was given my I 94 validity date on passport till Oct 2018. Is there a process to get the validity extended to 04/2019 in my new passport which will be received soon. Thank you
  6. h1b_seeker69

    In Laws visiting to USA on Visitor visa!

    We don't have children yet , so this might be applicable for her. Thanks for the info though!
  7. h1b_seeker69

    In Laws visiting to USA on Visitor visa!

    Hi Noah, Didn't get you about baby sitting, do you mean should we say yes or no? Please keep me posted!
  8. Hello Everyone, My In Laws would be visiting us (me and my wife) in a few weeks to USA, the primary reason for the stay is to travel , visit few places and spend time with us. Also only my wife's mother would visit us for 5 months and then go back to India. Our question is during her travel at the POE , 1: does she need to give any letter stating reasons of visit, address during her stay and other such type of questions which might be asked by the CBP Officer?. 2: Also Do i need to send this letter by typing and signing it? 3: What are the best health insurances which need to be opted. thanks in advance!
  9. h1b_seeker69

    H4 Stamping with a different receipt number on it

    Thank you so much
  10. Hello Everyone, My spouse did attend her H4 Visa stamping in India and she did receive her passport but with the H1B Extension Receipt number on it. My question is , I have a valid approved I797 notice for my Amendment which was filed in Jan 2017 and valid until April 2019, the receipt number is EACXXXXXXXXX and my H1B extension which was approved with dates on it from October 2016 to April 2019 with EACYYYYYYYYY as receipt number on it. But now after her H4 Stamping we noticed that we have older receipt number on the visa page rather than having the Amendment's receipt number on it. Can anyone please let us know which one is correct to have on the visa page, also if we need to go back to consulate to get this fixed with the Amendment's receipt number on it. thank you so much
  11. h1b_seeker69

    H1B-Stamping and travel to Hyderabad

    Thank you for the update
  12. h1b_seeker69

    H1B Stamping and passport expiration!

    Thank you for the inputs. @shekar11#, what do you mean by i-94 renewal, is it like do i need to go out of country and get it renewed?
  13. h1b_seeker69

    H1B Stamping Situation in Hyderabad

    I am thinking to go for the stamping as well in HYD consulate. This would be the 2nd H1b stamping for me, 2014 i got my first h1b stamping done. I would go for a in person this time as i won't be eligible for the drop box option. Need inputs for anyone who have been there in recent times
  14. Hi Everyone, I am in a situation where if i get my visa stamping done i will be getting it till April 2019 and my passport expires in October 2018, just in case if i have to travel after October 2018 can i do it with a new passport (will be applied for) with the old stamping in my old passport. Would this be okay to do so? thank you
  15. That is right, you need to be present in India with your valid passport. you can't send them over to India with out your presence.It's violating the law