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  1. Hi All, I've a question regarding rescheduling Visa interview in India to another consulate. I'm currently located in US, will visit India starting next month and I've scheduled my H1B visa stamping interview at New Delhi consulate this coming last week of December, but due to some urgencies at my work place I need to be back by the right after the Christmas break. Can I reschedule this to any other consulate in India, let say Kolkata coz I'm not getting any nearest available appointment slot in Delhi consulate. Has anyone gone through this and will this cause any negative impact on my interview. Thanks in Advance.
  2. tauqueernoor

    Help required in filling form I-983

    Hello Folks, I've a question regarding form I-983 for opt extension; Suppose if some one works for client project on a full time basis, which address he/sheneed to fill in section 5 of form i983 "employer site information". The Client address, the employer address or the address of sub office of employer located in same city. I heard somewhere that filling client address may impact opt extension, but not sure. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello Friends, I've a question for my friend who is currently on 12 month initial OPT. He is about to apply for STEM extension & have doubt regarding form i983. His situation is; He is working in one of the big world wide company (40k plus employees & have offices in almost all part of the US & other part of World). So, in filling the employer address, what shall he need to fill, I mean the HQ address where he got billed & that's in another state or the sub office where he worked for the client, since his sub office is also located in the same city where he works for client. Secondly, in the site address what he need to fill. His HQ address, the sub office address or the client address where he works for. Thanks in advance for your precious replies. Thanks
  4. Once you got your OPT card, you are good to change employer, there is nothing concern for accreditation. Also, it's mandatory to have employer update i20 from your school, once you change employer.
  5. Hello Friends,As most of you aware of ACICS accreditation denial from Dept. of Education that affects 800 + institution across US in which lot of international students get affected. I'm one of the master degree holder from ACICS accredited school & currently working on initial OPT of 12 month. My OPT will expire starting May first week and as of now I'm not eligible for 24 month STEM OPT extension as long as my school get another accrediting agency or govt. stay the denial of ACICS accreditation. So here, I've some doubts I want to clear;1 - Am I eligible for 60 days grace period after OPT expiration. 2 - Prior to my OPT expiration date, how much days before I apply for an extension, as I want to apply as late as I can, my school may get another accrediting agency till that time.3 - Am I eligible to apply H1B visa this year under masters Quota? If my H1B got picked, will I be applicable to take Cap-Gap.I would greatly appreciate for your precious responses.Thanks
  6. hello everybody, hope alls well at your ends. I have an important question. I am about to complete third semester of my MS in CS & planning to go India after it for 23 days ( which is at the end of the Dec ). But currently I am on CPT which will be gonna end at the end of this semester, also in my previous semester I did CPT. Also I changed my school which is in the same city (just 5 mile away from each other ), So for this I already get my travel documents ( travel i20 ) from my school on which it is written " CPT employment " in the current authorization column of third page of i20. So is it safe for me to travel India, do immigration deptt. have any issue? secondly what travel documents shall i need to carry apart from travel i20 which I already have. Appreciated for your precious responses. Thanks & regards tauqueer
  7. tauqueernoor

    Imp - How about taking CPT in just second Semester

    Thanks a lot friends for your precious response.
  8. Hi all, I am a masters student of Computer Science, currently in first trimester. I want to know that how about taking CPT (curricular practical training) after first trimester. Since my University is offering to take CPT just after the completion of first trimester. Is this cause any problem in further assistance or in taking OPT or in H1B visa conversion. Appreciate you all for your precious response. Thanks
  9. Hello guys, I have a question regarding VISA interview. Since my UG branch was pharmacy. I passed B. Pharm. in 2013, but since then I was doing some certification courses like CCC, Linux, Advanced diploma in software technology etc. and ultimately I got admits in MS in Computer Engineering, I have i20 too. Now I will have to appear for Visa Interview on 9th of December. So my question is what will be the perfect answer when Visa officer will ask that "why are you changing your majors from pharmacy to Computer Engineering". So what shall I reply. Appreciate for your precious response.
  10. Hello guys ,My brother is located in USA, so is it mandatory for me to show his relation in my DS 160 form. Also tell me how to show my property papers to VISA officer. I mean I need to show registry papers or only its evaluation report from CA is enough. Waiting for your precious response.
  11. hello i received my i20 last week for the Spring 2015, Can you please tell me required/necessary financial documents that I need to carry for my VISA interview at US Embassy/Consulate. Since, my brother is sponsoring me and he is located in USA, he submitted his bank details/statement for getting my i20. So what Financial documents shall I need to carry to US embassy for VISA interview. Actually some are saying that there is a high risk of VISA rejection when they know that if I establish any relation with foreign funds ( US based) because of potential immigrants. Appreciate your precious response please. Thanks