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  1. Hello everyone, Scenario: I am working with the same company since 10 years, this is my fourth H1b extension and I received an Rfe, my Rfe response is currently under process, my H1b extension is not approved yet. I have a daughter who in born in the US in feb 2018, my daughter is a US citizen. My daughter is sick with various allergic reactions the minute she entered India, also my daughters vacciness will be due soon. We are planning on bringing the baby to US as soon as we can as she is repeatedly falling ill with eczema and other allergic reactions in India, her allergic reactions are only becoming worse day by day. Following are the questions I have: Questions: My wife is having a previous US visitor visa b1/b2 that she got in 2013 and it is valid until 2023. My wife got her H4 visa in 2015, her current H4 visa is expired on Oct 1st 2018. My wife checked that her visitor visa is not cancelled in her passport. In general, when a person gets a H4 visa when they already have a visitor visa, is their visitor visa cancelled automatically? Can she and the baby travel to USA on her visitor visa that she previously had? If so, can they travel to my location directly and give my address as the visiting address at the port of entry since my H1b is in process still? If they are asked to show my H1b documentation at the port of entry?, can she show my current extension receipt notice? please let me know of your comments and answers. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the information, i didnt knew that the petition must be received before the current one expires...
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I checked with my company and lawyer, they assured that they will file the application in time. I got some progress and it looks like the ball is rolling.
  4. Scenario: I am working with a company from 10 years. Fulltime job and works at client location. Applying for the 3rd time extension overall. Current H1B expires on OCT 1 2018 First H1B started in Oct 2009 I 140 approved Issue: My lawyer has not applied for my H1b extension yet. My current H1b expires on 2018 oct. Lawyer is the immigration attorney through the company. The same attorney has applied all my H1bs. Questions: What is the final and last date for applying a H1B extension? What happens if my attorney does not apply my H1B extension? Since i submitted all the documents to the attorney, does it consider as a valid application even if he does not send the application to USCIS? Can we hire a lawyer outside the company attorney and have them apply for the H1b? If so, what happens if both attorneys file the H1b for the same company? What are my options in this situation? Do you guys suggest me to find another immigration lawyer outside the company? Please send me your responses. Thank you...
  5. Scenario: Hello All, i am a H1b holder and got married recently. My wife is working in India currently. My wife is having a visiting visa to US and she has made a visit to the US in the past. Following are my questions. 1.) After my wife's H4 visa is approved; does she have to be in US to apply for a H4 EAD? I mean after she gets her passport stamped in India, can i start the H4 EAD application process here in the US with her in India? 2.) Can my wife come to US on a visiting visa and apply for a H4 (Dependent) visa here in the US? 3.) Since my wife is already having a Visiting Visa, and if she comes here to US on the Visiting Visa, can we directly apply for a H4 EAD or a work EAD without applying for H4? I know a Visa is different from a status; since she is already having the Visitor Visa, can we skip the step of applying for H4 and go directly to the work EAD? Thanks for your time.
  6. Hello All, I recently tried to schedule a Visa appointment for H1BB stamping in India. I have been qualified for drop box. I have downloaded the Drop Box confirmation letter after using the Visa Fee receipt number. - Initially i have selected my passport pick up location as Hyderabad I found out there is a pick up location in Vijayawada. With in 10 minutes. - I have gone through the whole process of scheduling an appointment. this time i selected Vijayawada as the pick up location - I answered the questions when prompted and got selected for the drop box option - I selected the drop box location as hyd and used the same (already saved) visa fee receipt number - I re printed the drop box confirmation letter 1.) Since i changed the pick up location and re printed the drop box confirmation number, is this going to cause any issues? I used the same receipt number. 2.) Is the new pick up location i changed going to update? Kindly answer me
  7. Hello All, Scenario: - I have been working on a full time job from the past 6.5 years. - This is my third H1B extension (2009 - 2012; 2012 - 2015; 2015 - 2018). - My H1B extension was applied on May 2015 and it was not approved until October 2015. - We went on Premium processing on October 1st and it was approved by Oct 6th. - I am going for my marriage to India and i have to get the stamping done and apply for my wife's Visa, so advice correctly please. Questions: 1.) I went to Chennai for all my Visa's until now since 2006 (F1, OPT, 2 H1B stampings etc ...). Since the H1B stamping is now taking three days, i am planning on going to Hyderabad this time and not to waste time. Is this going to cause any issues? Since there is a change in the location is it going to affect my chances of getting a visa stamp? 2.) I am still waiting for the approval notice from USCIS/Lawyer, we requested OCT 2018 as the expiration date; can i put Oct 2018 as the expiration date and book the appointment or shall i wait until i receive the approval notice and use the expiration date on it? 3.) Once i receive the approval notice, can i change the expiration date in case if it is different and still hold the same Visa appointment date and time? 4.) Is this going to cause any issues if i change the H1B expiration date after the Visa Appointment is scheduled once?
  8. amarsat

    Who updates the PIMS

    Scenario: My lawyer confirmed my profile has not been registered with PIMS: I heard the US consulate will wait until the PIMS is updated and then stamp the passport in case if we are not registered in the PIMS. 1.) In this case does my employer or attorney has to update the PIMS, i mean i will be in India waiting for my passport and in meanwhile my employer or attorney has to update the PIMS from here in the US? or if not who updates the PIMS?
  9. amarsat

    I dont have PIMS

    Hello All, My Visa interview is scheduled in Dec 1st week. My lawyer told my profile was never updated on the PIMS. He made sure that i am not on PIMS, my questions are: 1.) What is PIMS? 2.) Will i be trouble for not having my profile registered for PIMS, like will i get 221 g or some other slips etc? 3.) Will PIMS alter the chances of getting your VISA renewed? 4.) Does not having a PIMS delays receiving of my passport?
  10. Info: Please comment beside or for any point you have comments on Working in USA since 5 years (last been to India on apr 2012). Going to India for stamping. Permanent address is in Hyderabad. 1.) Booking Visa appointment in chennai. Is this ok? (permanent address in home country is in hyd so) 2.) Book apppointment for Visa on dec 1st in chennai. 3.) So finger prints appointment is on Nov 30th(sunday). Do you guys think its a good idea, shall i move the dates to 2nd and 3rd to avoid any flight delays? 4.) If my Visa is approved, how long does it take to get passport stamped and ready for pickup in general? (now a days)
  11. amarsat

    H1B Visa Renewal

    One last question that striked my mind 1.) Can we book a H1b Visa stamp appointment(at chennai for visa stamping) with old passport, Get the new passport and then travel to India and present the new one there?
  12. amarsat

    H1B Visa Renewal

    Just one question: I am applying for my passport renewal at the newyork BLS Indian passport. If i go in person to drop my application for passport renewal at newyork BLS 1.) Can i get my new passport through postal mail or do i have to go in person again to pick up the new passport? I mean do i have to go to newyork again for pickup?
  13. amarsat

    H1B Visa Renewal

    Scenario: Same employer since May 2009. H1B Status Received: Oct 2009 to Oct 2012 H1B Status Renewed: Oct 2012 to Oct 2015 --> H1B status is valid until Oct 2015 H1B Visa Stamp: Issued 21 Sep 2011 Valid Until or Expired on 01 Oct 2012 --> H1B Visa in passpot expired on Oct 2012 Passport Expiration Date: Feb 15th 2015 My sister's marriage is on Dec 6th 2014, My questions are: 1.) Am i qualified for H1b Interview Waiver DropBox program? (IWP Drop-Box) 2.) Am i qualified for H1b Interview Waiver program? (IWP) 3.) My passport expires on Feb 15 2015, Am i qualified for applying for a H1B Visa, a normal H1B Visa? Please reply me as soon as you can.