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  1. finalinjamaica

    No 2015 dates available for Jamaica: PLZ HELP!

    all dates are closed
  2. finalinjamaica

    H1B Stamping-Nov3rd,Monday-Option to cancel

    if you dont want to go, its your wish you can tell later u felt sick or some reason as u did not attend interview
  3. my appointment cancelled on nov 3, anyone in same boat?
  4. how can they ask masters, thesis projects which are completed 10 years ago for h1->h1 extension and having 3 h1 visa extension stamps in between why are they giving 221's if someone has 221g 10 years ago for f1 or h1 stamp, in between these stamps had all stampings with clean record are they trying to scare innocent people who wants to just have their petition stamped see this in kingston website "Applicants traveling to Jamaica for the purpose of applying for a non-immigrant visa (such as a H1-B work visa) should plan their stay for at least one week or longer due to administrative processing and are encouraged to plan accordingly. If the outcome of a visa application prevents the applicant from entering the United States, please note that most incoming and outgoing flights from Jamaica transit through the Miami International Airport and only a few flights transit through other countries." looks like they are warning us that there is no way out of country unless we pay a lot close to 1500-2500 dollars if we are struck in jamaica and have to go to india
  5. i see lot of f1-h1 topics, can someone post h1 extension experience in jamaica. are they asking to explain masters degree thesis project and all those, i did that 8 years ago, dont remember word to word all that, should i refer all my masters projects again
  6. let me if you are intersted email address in my profile Thanks