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  1. chinna777

    Dropbox Eligibility

    Hi, My most recent visa was stamped in Canada, currently i am trying to book visa appointment in india, based on the questionnaire it says i am eligible for drop box, was the clause (recent visa must be from home country) was removed? Thank you
  2. chinna777

    successful interview @montreal on 21st 7:40AM

    My passport was delivered today to loomis. the status changes to issued yesterday
  3. My interview was on 21st montreal, but my passport was delivered today .
  4. chinna777

    Passport in "Issued" Status

    1 day if its close by loomis
  5. chinna777

    successful interview @montreal on 21st 7:40AM

    Yes, i am on EVC, no i dint had client letter, but letter from HR saying they will not provide it.
  6. I would like to take a minute to write my experience, as i was benefited by others posts. My reason to canada is i have WFH job and my friend in montreal so i was prepared to face any situation. Canada Immigration check . Why canada. what is stamping. where are you going. duration of stay. any weapons. Today i showed up @ us consulate at 7:00(my apt @7:40) but the consulate opened at 8:00, stood in line for an HR in freezing cold. security check1 passport DS-160. Security check 2 passport ds-160 I797 fingure prints. finally my interview @8:45 Mid age guy really cool How long with your employer. which place are you working did you work on OPT did you convert F1-H1 in usa or outside USA. whats your Highest degree. your visa is approved. When do you like your passport. I said him if possible before thanksgiving. He said he will try as its a busy schedule else collect it on friday. No docs were asked from me. Thanks all and best of luck
  7. chinna777

    H1b Ammendment Question

    Hi, after getting new EAC Number, you can just fill new DS-160 and update your appointment with your new DS-160 number. Thanks
  8. Hi Am Looking for accommodation in Montreal nov 23-26, please let me know if any one interested. Thanks