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  1. Kishore Kumar

    GC Sponsorship

    Thank you all.
  2. Kishore Kumar

    GC Sponsorship

    Hi Murthy Law Firm, I need your help/suggestion/advice. I have a friend who is a U.S Citizen would like to know if he can sponsor GC for his friend who is H1 holder ? Any ideas / Suggestions / Advice - Welcome Regards, K.K
  3. Kishore Kumar

    CANADA Visitor Visa

    I applied in Nov 2014. I guess in JAN my friend did applied under new application option : VISIT and she did got the visit visa till the passport is valid.
  4. Kishore Kumar

    Vancouver, Canada 1st Time Stamping

    Yes you may try for Vancouver. I did it in Vancouver, Canada on Jan 2015 or else Home country is the best option.
  5. Kishore Kumar

    CANADA Visitor Visa

    I did apply for Canada visa and got it till 2024. Yes I did uploaded below docs in website : 1. IMM5257 2. IMM5645 3. PP 4. Travel docs and photo 5. Bank statements 6. i797 copy 7 Invitation letter. Then after 3 days I got an email to send the PP to canada embassy to get the visitor visa stamp.
  6. 1. According to the available dates better to reschedule the interview multiple times. 2. I suggest do not go for : NO SHOW option 3. same as point 1 4. No need to visit the immigration 5. Rescheduling.
  7. Kishore Kumar

    Do I need original I-797 for stamping ?

    Original is preferred.
  8. Kishore Kumar

    No Visa Stamp on Passport

    POE stopped giving I-94 while entering to u.s. They'll give you a doc which says how / where to download I-94 from. I recently had a trip to India. As far as I know when you go to stamping : they attach a H1 visa copy on your passport. When u exit the country and come back in @ POE they only Stamp date of entry and write visa validity. So FOLKS am thinking VO forgot to put the stamp while entering to u.s not the VISA copy on passport. If I-94 is missing it can be / have to be downloaded from USCIS site : https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html
  9. Kishore Kumar

    Sample Client Letter

    You just have to google...here you go : http://www2.gsu.edu/~accerl/taxrelated/CLExamples.html
  10. Kishore Kumar

    H1B Stamping when travelling to India before Visa expiry

    As far as I know and reading the forum : You still can go for India trip on existing H1 which is valid till Sep 2015. If your 2nd new H1 is approved, you should show them the I-797 approved copy at port of entry.
  11. Kishore Kumar

    H1B Stamping - Drivers License Address

    You should have IL driver's license with IL address if not you ll get 221G. Better to change DL to IL and go for stamping. VO did checked my work location and DL when I attended for H1 stamping in Vancouver on 01/20/15.
  12. Kishore Kumar

    Can I go to Canada for Visa Stamping?

    I did it in Vancouver on 01/20/15. You can go.
  13. Kishore Kumar

    Calgary H1B appointment cancelled automatically

    Don't worry they would reschedule when ever the resources are available. You ll get an email.
  14. It'll take minimum 3 weeks. Make sure u do follow up weekly.
  15. I am not sure w/o h1 appointment and without relatives invitation from Canada if u get a visit visa or not..better you check with a travel agency if possible.