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  1. Sairaj599

    Unpaid Medical Leave on h1 B

    Hello All I am a full-time employee with the xxx company on H1 b visa. I am planning on taking leave for more than 1 month. Is it okay to take unpaid medical leave on h1b and stay in the USA. Thank you In advance.
  2. Sairaj599


    I-140 approval is sufficient p:s- not a legal advice
  3. Hi, My cousin graduated with masters in computer science back in 2014 December from a university which had ACICS accreditation. Unfortunately ACICS lost its accreditation recently. He is in opt extension right now in USA and needs to apply for H1B in this April. Since the school that he graduated from is no longer accredited, we are not sure if he qualifies for Masters-cap H1 quota. So, I would like to know what are chances of applying H1 under regular quota (non-masters cap) for F1 student who is in USA? is it possbile? If so does Cap-gap applies for regular quota H1 as well?. Please provide your insights on this topic as this will be helpful to me and many other students out there as well . Thank you Thanks, Sai
  4. Sairaj599

    H1B Cap FY2018

    Hi, As we know that ACICS lost it recognition on Dec 12, 2015, Could you suggest if a student is eligible for masters quote H1b who graduated before December 12, 2015 from a university which has accreditation as ASCIS before? Thanks, Sai
  5. 1) 2) Your case is not eligible for Drop box. If your previous stamping was done in your Home country and have not crossed 12 month duration after visa expiry then u r eligible 3) Difficult to predict. Hope for the best
  6. Sairaj599

    Is H1B amendment required for H1B stamping

    It is advisable to do H1B amendment in your case. what if i VO asks you to show your I-129 document? Dont put yourself into trouble. Ask your employer to do H1B amendment, he should take care of it.
  7. Sairaj599

    H1B visa slot in Canada?

    You will be to able to see the next available date however if you want to see the list of available dates/ reserve a slot u need to pay MRV fees
  8. You can select Richmond or Burnaby. Richmond is closer to YVR airport though
  9. Sairaj599

    Is H1B stamping compulsion after Change of Status

    If your COS was successful...i.e., if you have received I-797 A then u r good stay...if you have received I-797 B then u need to go for stamping
  10. First of all I would like to thank all the people who have shared/sharing their experiences in this forum. It helped me a lot. Now, it’s my turn to share my visa interview experience. I believe it will be useful to someone over there. I will try to explain things in detail. Case: F1 to H1, EVC model, no 221g during F1, major computer science. Appointment time: 7:00 AM, 23rd Dec. I went to consulate by 6:20 AM. . Since I reached the consulate early I stood very first in the line :P Initial Security check started at 6:50 at the entrance of the building then security screening in the first floor ( Here, it would be easy if you read the instructions pasted here and there otherwise u will be in state of confusion as where to go.) and then Passport, photos, DS160 check and then Finger prints. They give you a token number and u will be redirected to 20th floor for interview. There are four counters at 20th floor namely 2,3,4,5. My token number displayed on the screen then I went to the respective counter. Here goes my conversation with VO. Me: Good morning sir, How are doing today? ( gave my passport ) VO: I am going good. How about you? Me: Thanks. I am good. VO: So you are here for your H1B visa right? Me: yes sir. VO: In order to give you H1 visa, I need to cancel your existing F1 visa on your passport. Is it ok with you? Me: Ya, that’s fine. VO: So, When did you graduate? Me: told VO: Which University? Me: told (he compared my answer with the name on my F1 visa in passport. I guess he was trying to check for any university transfers!!) VO: Which degree & major? Me: MS in Computer science VO: how along are you with your current employer? Me: told VO: I think you must be having an end client Me: yes, sir. XXXX it is VO: where is it located? Me: Told VO: What is your role over there? Me: Told VO: can you explain what kind of software(s) you are using in your work and a brief description Me: answered with utmost confidence (After all that is what I do daily :P) VO: Can I see your LCA? Me: Sure and I gave him the same. Then he kept my passport a side ( At this point I am relaxed completely) VO: can I see your W2 and last year pay stub Me: I gave the complete set which has all my W2’s and Paystubs bundled together and told him the same. VO: He went through all W2’s and couple of paystubs and said the pleasant words “Your visa is approved” Me: Thank you so much. Said Merry Christmas and left the place. J J J Accommodation: I took a room in Days Inn motel in downtown Vancouver which is one block away from the consulate i.e., 3 minute walk. Food options: Near to this motel there are variety of options for food( bit expensive though :P) and you don’t have to have a car as everything is in walkable distance. After the interview: Since it takes time to get your passport, in the mean while you can visit the beautiful places in and around Vancouver downtown. Some of them like Canada place, Stanley part, Capilano suspension bridge, Vancouver art museum, grouse mountain etc. That’s all folks, and thanks to each and every one who have shared their experiences all these days. It means a lot me. Suggestion: Many of my frnds or people in this forum mentioned that it is easy to get visa in Vancouver. After going through the interview phase what I personally feel is that it is not at all a cake walk here. I am saying this because I saw/met couple of guys who received 221g here who had interview on the same day of mine. I do not have/suggest a solid answer as where to go and where not to go but wherever you go for interview, let it be Canada/Home country, just be confident and be honest when answering to the VO questions is what I would say. Thank you
  11. Hi, My Interview - 23rd Dec 23rd Status - Administrative processing 24rth morning - Issued 25th morning - got email with way bill number with tracking info in it 26- 28 - holidays. So I guess there will be another update on monday or tuesday
  12. Hi, Please let me know if you are looking for accommodation. I have space in my room till 30th Dec. Might be helpful for you
  13. Get a copy of your credit report from either Equifax, Experian or Trans union. You should be able to figure it out.
  14. Sairaj599

    Is it a problem to travel to India in OPT

    not a problem. If your opt extension is in pending then try avoid travelling until decision is made.