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  1. I am in H1B working as a Team lead, currently in EB2 India Queue with the priority date in October 2016 and I 140 approved. Currently got an opportunity as Director in the same company, in a different location in the USA. Is it possible to move from EB2 to EB1 Queue?
  2. I am filling out the DS 160 application for my spouse H4 Visa interview in India. H1B Receipt # Valid from Valid To New Receipt # 03/21/2018 03/20/2021 Old Receipt # 12/12/2015 03/20/2018 ----- H4 Visa Interview Date 02/21/2018 Tentative Travel Date 03/01/2018 Question: DS 160 – Travel Information section need detail about Receipt number of Principal applicant. New Receipt # or Old Receipt # is correct, considering the Interview and travel date ?
  3. Me and my wife are in H1B. Have valid 1-797 from current employer, stamping in passport has expired 2 years back. My kid (6 years old) is in H4 status, visiting India with my relative for summer vacation. What is the procedure to get the H4 Visa re-stamping in my kid passport, that will allow her to re enter united states with my relative. Thanks & Regards,
  4. My H1B extension was filed on August 6th 2015, till it shows RECEIVED. I 797 ended December 24th 2015. Is there a way for me or my employer to do reach out USCIS and get detailed status update on this. I have travel plans lined up, based on that I want to request my employer for moving the case to premium. Thanks in advance for your inputs.
  5. Thank you Rahul! What are the supporting documents required to make this clear to USCIS?
  6. I have a Diploma in Engineering (3 Year course) and followed by that I did Bachelor of Engineering (4 year course) from India. I completed the Bachelor of Engineering in 3 Years as I was admitted directly in the second year of Engineering course. I do have 16 years of overall education (10+3+3). Work Experience: 12 Years Job description qualifies for EB2 and salary is not a constraint as well. Right now I am in 3rd Year of my H1B Visa and my organisation is willing to sponsor GC. I am little confused with the single source (4 Years) Bachelor degree requirement in EB2, as I completed 4 year Bachelor of Engineering in 3 Years! Considering the longer processing time until I get to I140 approval stage to know the decision, I want to know whether I qualify for EB2/EB3. Your response will be appreciated. Thanks.