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  1. The usual time of response if 3 months. If you do not see any updates by then you can have your employer raise a service request.
  2. I think you can follow up after 90 days not necessarily 6 months. If you look through some of the earlier posts on this forum or another MTR forum on murthy there are some examples from ppl who raised SR themselves
  3. swash123

    MBA CPT from ***********

    Hi My sister is going to come to US on H4 and wants to start working soon. I have heard about Masters MBA from ***********. they have told me she can start CPT and start working from Day 1. Also they have no application fee and do not need GMAT/GRE or any other scores. Just wanted to check with others (esp. H4s) who have taken admission here about the college(CPT and H1b prospects). Also after completing degree will she be eligible in the 20000 master quota for H1b filing? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey....I would think so but not sure. last few cases have seen them update status on the new case number rather than old one like before. Let us know when you know. maybe you can have your employer call them n check.
  5. That seems like a very long time. Has your employer tried following up with USCIS?
  6. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hey Tina You're right this does seem very different from what I have seen from the earlier posts on this forum. Did you check with your employer. You can ask them to call USCIS and inquire on this.
  7. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hey Ish 106 So sorry to hear that. Thanks for posting your update here.
  8. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hey tina1988 When did you file the MTR? Also check with your employer he may have received notice. Normally they communicate the decision on old case number if they do at all.
  9. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hi Ish106 Any updates on your case so far? Do let us know. Thanks!
  10. My H1B is expiring in Sept 2015 (7th year of H1B) and my PERM case is currently with BALCA after the appeal. I am considering the option to work outside US for a year (365 days) and then come back on a new work permit (H1/L1). If I travel out of USA say in Jan 2015 then would I be eligible for a new H1/L1 visa by Jan 2016 as per the 1 year rule OR does this 1 year period start after the current H1 expiry date (which is Sept 2015 in my case)? Appreciate your pointers on this rule. TIA.
  11. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hi Dinesh,Ish106 Any updates as yet on your case?
  12. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hi Sandeep, have you checked your old case number. If it has been reopened you will see an update on your old case number.
  13. Hey Mahesh They normally respond in 60 days from receipt of response as per their status site
  14. Hey Have you checked your old case number? Normally it will update when they reopen your case and decision usually comes in 30 days after that. I have seen some cases which have been reopened already.
  15. swash123

    MTR processing time for denied case

    Hi kn28.Congrats on your approval. Just wanted to see the processing timelines for current MTRs filed. When did you file your MTR and how long did it take for you to get a decision?