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  1. Hello Sir/Madam, My employer filed GC in December 2014. If my brother (a US citizen) files a separate (family-based) F4 for me, will it impact my existing EB2 processing? Will I get a separate Priority date for F4 or can I re-use the existing EB2 priority date? Kindly advice Regards sudipp
  2. Yes your client can file for H1b, but you need to get it stamped to enter US
  3. Hi, sorry to hear your situation. What was the RFE for? What was your wage level? Did your SOC code got changed for this renewal? thanks
  4. sudipp

    H1B extension with RFE

    Hello everyone, thanks for letting me know your views Till now, i didn't respond to RFE. If i provide Master Service Agreement in place of PO/SOW. will it work? kindly suggest
  5. sudipp

    H1B extension with RFE

    Hi, i didnt respond to RFE. It is premium. Thanks everyone for letting me know your view. Please suggest if Master Service Agreement works in place of PO/SOW
  6. sudipp

    H1B extension with RFE

    Hi I filed H1b extension and got an RFE. Documents expected are SOW/Purchase Order, Client letter. My client has given the Client letter (which doesn't have any end date). We are not able to get the SOW (as the SOW is expired), and purchase order get renewed every 3 months (current one is valid till September 2014). New PO will take some time. My question is can i response to the RFE only with client letter? Is there any chance of extension denial if we don't provide SOW/PO? Kindly advice Regards Sudeep