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  1. sairamvenkat

    Jamaica - H1b Visa

    Can you give your contact details.
  2. sairamvenkat

    Jamaica- H1B Stamping

    If your application is beofore Oct 1st 2014 then you are good to go.
  3. sairamvenkat

    H1b stamping with new I 797

    SO at POE they will give I 94 expiration based on newly approved I 797.
  4. sairamvenkat

    H1b stamping with new I 797

    Thanks Jai
  5. sairamvenkat

    H1b stamping with new I 797

    Thanks Jai, But i do not have Visa on Current I 797.
  6. sairamvenkat

    H1b stamping with new I 797

    Thanks Jai. Even though the Visa is on Newly approved petition?. For old I 797 i do not have any Visa. Can I enter US before 6 months.
  7. sairamvenkat

    Going for H1b stamping in kingston,jamaica on FEB 24

    what is your contact details?
  8. sairamvenkat

    H1b stamping with new I 797

    Hi All, I have few questions regarding my H1b stamping. I have current I 797 approved till september 2015 and i am going to aplly extension in april 1st week. Can i go for visa stamping with Extension I 797 in April. IF they give visa on new I 797. Can i enter to the US becuase newly approved petition starts from OCT 2015. Thanks
  9. sairamvenkat

    I am converting from F1 to H1B.

    I have a rescheduled appointment in Jamaica in February and I am from F1-H1. Is it suggestible to go to Jamaica for Stamping. Please suggest.
  10. sairamvenkat

    Need accommodation from 19 - 24 November in Ottawa

    what's ur email ID.
  11. sairamvenkat

    Got 221g. Please help me

    Which consulate. It depends on consulate.
  12. sairamvenkat

    Is Jamaica still an option for H1 to H1 stamping

    I think it is not for new applicants
  13. Hi Can any on please tell me what to do. I did not cancel the interview for nov 03, but i drop off from attending the interview. it will be any effect for me in future interview in india or canada.
  14. can you give me your contact details
  15. Hey Vikki can you tell me the process how to get online w2's ( Transcripts)